Xinzhuang: "Full" Restaurant choices?

I’ll be spending some time in Xinzhuang. I started looking into restaurant options - as a foodie, I could only find 小吃 small eats, even with Google Maps. Seems about 80% hotpot and the standard copy+paste local dishes with no variety. I’ve been here for many years now - seeking variety.

Coming from Tianmu area, I think I may have been spoiled :smiley: I did find some pretty decent lower-tier sushi places. There’s a GB’s about 20m away, but that’s not necessarily in Xinzhuang, anymore. There’s a tiny mall with really good Korean food (franchise) and Thai (franchise).

Other than this, I’m stumped. 0 indian food places nearby, no fusion sushi, the burgers here are a bit sad … I did find a lower-mid-tier breakfast place that has some good sandwiches with real cheese and decent french toast (nothing compared to JB’s or The Diner, but decent).

Any thoughts from fellow foodies out there? I know there’s a GIANT new mall coming soon that’ll probably bring more options.

Maybe Pizza Rock Xinzhuang 新莊店
No. 14號, Section 1, Fuxing Road, Xinzhuang

I saw a restaurant near Furen University that says it’s “tex mex” food. no idea if it is.

The Tex Mex is Good Day. I’ve never been there but it doesn’t look bad. Taiwan can’t get Mexican food right though so its a toss up. Hey burger had a nice burger but it’s a bit pricey +300 NT. Hit me up if need anything or want to grab a beer. I’m on this lonely island that is Xinzhuang too.

There used to be an exception to this, prior to COVID-19: Eddy’s Cantina in Tianmu used to have amazing, handmade mexican food with draft beer.

My wife and I have been going there for years and everything (except the bubblegum-like steak) was amazing. However, was

Recently, we went there… and it was shockingly bad. They used to use fresh everything, but they must have destroyed their recipe from budget setbacks from social distancing or something. The beef now taste like 3x refrozen dogfood with hints of plastic aftertaste. The the chicken is now more dry than licking sand, a side effect of preserving and refreezing chicken too many times.

Luckily the pulled pork’s quality loss isn’t as severe. It’s still decent, but the rest? Downhill.

For what used to be the only good mexican food in Taiwan is now just another “eh” attempt. Or “decent” if you get pork and nothing else (but even their pico and sides has suffered a loss) but draft beer (long dong draft is still super rare - I’d go there just for the beer, although a bit overpriced).

I miss pre-virus eddy’s :frowning:


Yes, great views of Taipei city.

Ikea actually has some decent food. Their fried chicken wings are pretty good.

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Yeah, I was there just today.
It was packed with people looking for places with AC to spend the afternoon. Food was still good, tho.

… napping! Doesn’t make sense actually, AC at home is cheaper than going to Ikea, buying food and drinks.

I know that.
You know that.
Now, try to convince them of that. :notlistening:

Half ride a bus, bring their own drinks and nap. Cost nothing.

Or have some cheap food.

Others have no air at home or refuse to use it.

They bought it, installed it, and don’t use it. Just too darn expensive.