Xiuguluan River international water rafting competition

Directed by the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications

Hosted by the East Coast National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications

This year’s competition~~~
• Competition Location :Xiuguluan River, Hualian County, from Ruisui Bridge to Changhong Bridge – 22km
• Competition Date Friday, July 20th 2007
• Competition Types 1. Speed Competition 2. Fun Competition
• Competition Team Information: A total of 200 teams. Each team has a maximum of six people including one captain.
• Competition Rules:
(1) Competitors must be between 16 and 60. Those with heart conditions, epilepsy or other conditions that aren’t suitable for this kind of activity should not enter.
(2) All competition rules must be respected and followed. Those who break the rules will be responsible for their own injuries.

• Date: Enrolment will be accepted until July 10th 2007.
• Fee: Each team - $NT3600 (including insurance)
• How to enroll: Go online!
Web: http://www.rafting.url.tw
Fax:( 02 ) 2752-0880
Enrolment hotline: (02) 2752-5569 ext 11

Find more information, please go to http://www.rafting.url.tw/page03-2.htm
Have Fun!!!