Xizhi's Dream Community

Could anyone tell me what the Dream Community in XiZhi is all about? I happened upon it with my baby this weekend and it looks really interesting!


Weren’t they that Hippyish UK New Wave band in the 80’s that sang “Life In a Northern Town”? Oops! :blush: That was the Dream Academy! :slight_smile:


Which one are you talking about Lotus Hill (shui lien shan zhuang) or FuJi Shan Zhuang on the other side of the valley?

The Dream Community is at the bottom of Lotus Hill on Huqian Street, between Kangning Street and Mingfeng Street. They have a grassy fron yard/pasture where kids can see goats, rabbits and ducks, ans other “cute” animals. Next to the Dream Community is the Coffee Tree cafe (very nice outdoor cafe with tall trees), and Wood Martin, a great furniture place run by a Swiss carpenter.

Sounds interesting. Is it a place where kids can go to pet/feed the animals?

Does anyone know if woodmartin.com has another website?