Xline fitness??


I spotted this studio fitness center around where my buddy lives so I went in and inquired about any fitness trainer jobs available. Right on the spot I was offered to teach 2-3 classes for the following week. Seems great and I felt excited at first but than I started to smell fish when the Manager tells me they don’t need any of my ID, paper work , etc.

I asked how will they have a record of the hours that I worked and his response was that the facility will do it for me. Even the compensation which is direct deposit and he doesn’t not require any bank info until the end of the month…hmmm. I can’t say that it’s a scam but I am used the old fashion way of starting employment so I am skeptical about this deal. Wanna know what ya all have any thoughts on this…


This can benefit you or fuck you big time. You can possibly avoid taxes and them as well. But if they don’t pay, you’re screwed.


Cash or nothing.


Sounds like they didn’t even ask for your credentials either?

I would think twice about it. They have zero record of you even being there and someone is handling the hours you’re teaching. They also don’t need your bank/passport info? What kind of job doesn’t need basic info? Did they ask for your name?


Maybe he doesn’t have creditials to work at a gym? Could be a win win. I remember getting a job teaching English when I first came to taiwan and I was straight forward that I was one semester away from graduating. And we cane to a understanding that because of my dual citizenship they wouldn’t have to worry about ARC and paid me in cash along with moving me to different campuses different days which you weren’t allowed to if you apply for a ARC I guess. So it worked out both in our favor.