XM Radio -- yea or nay?


Has anyone tried this here in Taiwan?

I’m wondering if fine establishments like Alleycats or G’day Cafe would find it interesting to offer Satellite Radio for their customers to listen to :slight_smile:

I would own it if I lived in the States. However, when I researched it a few years ago for vain curiosity, I noted that their two geosyncronous satellites “Rock” and “Roll” only covered the contiguous United States.

Let me know if you heard something different or know of an Asian-based provider other than XM Radio.


Has anyone tried this here in Taiwan?[/quote]

XM is imho US only. http://www.xmradio.com/how_it_works/satellites.html seems to confirm this. So… nay.

G’day did have some weird radio internet satellite thingy. They tend to play some Hawaiian station that sounds just like ICRT.


There is an equivalent radio network here and I believe most of the channels are free.
Check out: worldspace.com/

Does anyone have this? I was looking into it, but I’m happy with my internet connection.

I have it, got the radio from India. The quality is very good. I will recommend it