XM Satellite Radio for Taiwan (BBC, Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC)

Hi I just found this company that has satellite radio coverage for Asia and a lot of channels to listen to.

Anyone have this now or know someone that has it?


Doesn’t look like it is available for cars, but still maybe worth the money.

What do you guys think? It looks free except for the receiver…

yepp got one of those receivers… excellent quality sound and a whole range of stations to choose from. But you gotta pay for some of them. All in all, a reasonable deal, as long as you find a station of your choice. There’s at least 3 types of receivers available: JVC, panasonic and Sharp if I am not mistaken.

The only problem we faced was installing the antenna…taipei buildings don’t lend themselves for very good reception, if you are on a lower floor. We had to request the landlord to install the antenna on the very top of the building and run a cable down…You better do a feasibility study if you want to get the receiver.

Where can I buy the receiver in Taiwan?

Where can you buy the whole kit (antenna and receiver) would probably be a more pertinent question, unless you can get a feed from an existing dish. How much does the basic kit cost?


This looks like you can broadcast too. Any aspiring DJs out there? Radio Free Taiwan?

Breaker 19 Breaker 19, you got your ears on good buddy?

you get every thing with the radio, the antenna is about 7" ( yes inches) only.
I paid in India around US$100. Setting up is not tough plus the music is good.

Ponchi thanks for the info. Maybe I will try to order online or something. I can’t find a dealer in Taiwan.

try singapore dealer, they are friendly chaps :bulb:

I still like online radio better, more choices and more FM channels.
I got a radiolive.exe that tune to most of the channels in taipei. Also got a radio tunur from ComFM.

I guess real audio does not come with much channel selections. Winmedia however got some good japanese channels…