X'MAS DANCE PARTY@Taichung on This Saturday Night!



Total Xtreme Dance Company will once again celebrate Christmas on Saturday, December 15th. Please mark your calendar and bring your family, friends and whoever you know to have fun with us.

TXD’s performances are well known for quality!

We will surely maintain the quality and bring everyone FOUR exciting performances! TWO of these performances have been previously created by Gino. Also, as requested by many guests last year, we will have once again Cherry and Marco ,one of the best Taiwan’ International Latin Dancers in Taiwan performing a Rumba for us, so don’t miss out!

We also have a DJ visitor from Singapore, DJ Jason. He has been an active Salsa DJ since 2003. Starting from guest sessions in the local clubs, he has moved on to become an acknowledged and respected DJ in the salsa scene, with a growing international stature.

As every year we will also provide drinks and finger food in the party and withdraw a present, so wish you luck! Presents include free 10-class cards and a bottle of wine! Come and join us!

Dress Code: Is Christmas, so dress to impress!


在此次舞會中,會為大家帶來四場的精彩表演! 二支舞碼皆為藝術總監Gino所創作或監製。由於去年響應熱烈,應觀眾要求,台灣國際標準舞界的頂尖舞者Cherry和Marco也將為大家帶來一首國標倫巴表演,精彩程度值得期待。請千萬不要錯過!

今年特別邀請到新加坡的DJ Jason為我們帶來整晚的動人騷莎音樂夜。從2003年開始,DJ Jason從當地的騷莎趴踢開始展露頭角到今天在國際間享有名氣,在騷莎世界裡占有一席之地。

今年的舞會,一如往年,有特別嘉賓從香港,台北,高雄來與我們一起參與盛會。舞會當天,提供各位特製飲料與特色小點心之外,還有溫馨抽獎活動。獎品內容包含舞出極限教室免費上課10堂卡片與紅酒! 祝你好運抽大獎囉!

時間 Date:2012.12.15 星期六 Sat. 9PM till late
地點 Venue:舞出極限舞蹈公司
Total Xtreme Dance Company
B2, No. 183, Jhongshin Street, Taichung City
電話 Tel:(04) 2305 5175
服裝 Dress Code: Is Christmas, so dress to impress! 請響應耶誕氣氛,穿著令人驚艷吧!

入場費用Entry : 12/10前預購 Pre-paid: NTD400
當天票價 Door price: NTD500

[color=#008000]票務連絡方式For tickets:
台中Taichung: 請來電04-23055175 或直接至教室購買
Please call 04-23055175 or Stop by the studio
台北 Taipei: 請聯絡Amy 0952280275
Please call Amy 0952280275[/color]

溫馨感人聖誕小禮物交換 Gifts exchange
(請準備200元以下小禮物 Please bring a gift which value is less than NTD200)