XML Dumps

On average about once an hour, i start getting XML dumps, and cannot do anything on the site, leave it for about ten minutes, then everything seems to be back to normal till about an hour later. I notice that others are getting these XML issues as well.

Gus, if they cannot be resolved, then can i politely suggest you remove the offending module or whatever it is that is using the XML and return the site to its former glory. :fume:

Me too.

Ditto over here. How am I supposed to rag on fought at full speed if I have to stop for 10 minutes an hour?


folks, I am sorry about the hangups you are having

Give me a couple of more weeks to try to get the RSS right. I suspect the main culprits are the feeds from Forumosafieds. But we can be sure if you take note of the forums where you encounter the problems.

Different forums use different templates - and I will be pickier about which feeds go where. I am still outside of Taiwan and will have a better handle of my schedule when I’m back next week.

It’s very useful to know how serious this problem is. So I could use your help. Knowing how often its happening, in which forums and what your connection to the Internet is are all useful in understanding the problem.

I don’t log on as often or as much as many Forumosans - so even though I use different connections and browsers to visit (I still visit about every day, I just don’t hang around very long), I haven’t encountered the XML problem very much.

Gus, cannot comment for the others, but for me there is no pattern, this will happen even when on the main page clicking NEW to view all recent posts, so not sure if it is tied to a particular forum etc.

I use an adsl through a firewall both at home and at work, the setup is exactly the same at both, and it varies in terms of occurence, there are days when it does not seem to happen, then other days like recent when it happens several times a day, no real pattern though.

Same same! It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with specific forums. It sometimes does it with the login window or with this address. www.forumosa.com


not restricted to any forum … the main page has this too, as does the NEW page.

running latest IE through ADSL

[quote=“xtrain”]not restricted to any forum … the main page has this too, as does the NEW page.

running latest IE through ADSL[/quote]
Same for me. Except I’m running the latest Firefox incarnation.

I get XML dumps every time I go to that place on the corner of…

Oh, never mind.

4:26pm, “XML error: not well-formed (invalid token) at line 317” in Taiwan Politics, International Politics, Learning Chinese, and Feedback, for 5 minutes.

Win XP, Firefox

I actually like the XML dumps sometimes. I take that as a cue to stop wasting time reading Forumosa and to get back to work.

Me, too.

These XML things happen so often that I thought they were normal.

(As you know, I’m not one to complain.)

Had these a bit last week. Seemed to have slowed to a trickle now. Not really much of an issue, with constant refresh F5ing…