Yahoo mail - why can't I use it?

I’m home in San Diego on vacation and using my dad’s computer. I do my email through Yahoo, but for some strange reason, when you go to compose one, the big text box (similar to the one I’m writing in now) doesn’t register as such. In other words, the cursor doesn’t change from an arrow to a little bracket when you put it over the textbox, so you can’t type anything in it. You can’t tab to it either.

All the other boxes work - so I guess I could type my entire email in the subject heading, but obviously that would be hard to read. I already tried changing the security setting on my dad’s computer to “low” but that didn’t fix the problem. Anyone know what’s up?

When I clicked on Compose for my yahoo mail just now, it opened a new page. I was able to type. I was able to send.

I looked at the yahoo mail faq and I didn’t see that problem listed.

You could try writing the whole e-mail in MS Word and then saving it to the clipboard (with Control-C or Edit -> Copy) and then going back to your Yahoo Compose window and pasting it into the area where the message should be written (Control-V or Edit -> Paste).

But if it doesn’t let you directly type there, then it probably won’t let you paste there, either.

Can’t paste there either. The big text box just doesn’t register. Weird.

Since I don’t even have Windows installed (and I guess that’s what you’re using, with Internet Explorer) I can’t quite duplicate your experience. But I’m familiar with Yahoo and I know it’s kind of fussy. For example, it insists that you have Javascript turned on - if you don’t, a lot of things don’t work correctly. Is it even possible to disable Javascript in IE? I don’t know, but my guess is that something about Javascript is disabled (or just corrupted) and that this is the cause of your problem.

You might try downloading Firefox from and use that (with Javascript enabled). If it works, then you can assume there is some problem with IE. Anyway, people shouldn’t use IE - dangerous virusware in my opinion.


You can try reinstalling Internet Explorer (It’s a free download from

Or try one of the other browsers available. If you’re looking for another browser, I’m sure many people would be able to give you good advice.

After the latest Internet Explorer pop-up worm exploit, Microsoft has recommended everyone set their security settings to ‘High’. Unfortunately this breaks a lot of web site functionality. It’s possible that the problem is because your security settings are set to ‘High’. You can access the settings through Tools/Internet Options/Security. As a workaround you can set ‘trusted sites’ to medium security and add as a trusted site.

The US goverment recently suggested that the average computer user should not use Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer. They went on to suggest that there are many other web browsers out there that will be safer.

In response, Microsoft has issued an update that stops functions from working. They’re actually disabling part of Internet Explorer to prevent hackers from using it.