Yahoo Messenger for Mac

Am I corrent in the conclusion that Yahoo Messenger for Mac does NOT have voice capability? That is, you can webcam but not talk?

As far as I know, yep.
aMSN recently add some very smooth webcam support, but is also yet to offer voice capability.

Yup, the video quality is okay, but with no audio it’s kinda pointless. But then MSN Messenger for Mac still doesn’t have any webcam function at all. Most of the MSN clones also now have video support, but no audio. The next release of the freeware app aMSN will purportedly include audio support, and I think Mercury Messenger already does, but have heard that it’s buggy as hell.

iChat is pretty much the only way to go for both video and audio (you can rig it to work with AIM, but as far as I know, it’s video only). I had problems with iChat under Tiger, though, so I downgraded my old iBook to Panther and use iChatUSBCam (US$9.95) to get around the speed requirement - works seamlessly, even at full screen.

There are cross platform options, but they aren’t free. iSpQ Video Chat, for example, works pretty well, but it’s US$39.99.

thx guys

madness that msn and yahoo ‘cant’ make it happen for mac users. if skype were to add webcam functionality they would make all the others redundant

Right, especially since they easily could if they wanted to… :fume:

Agreed - here’s to hoping they do. I’ve been hoping Apple would add cross-platform support to iChat - somehow doubt they’d get much further than the present release of Yahoo Msgr or MSN Msgr with that one though. In the meantime, Mac to Mac, it’s absolutely fucking brilliant.

Yahoo messenger on MAC sucks better use MSN instead…

Adium. The whole messenger thing has come along way. The Mac is still left behind on this. Adium, its your best choice.

When are they going to get around to a camera though? I love Adium, as it combines all the messenger services together. Nice!

used adium for ages now. i agee its great to combine all into onne but gimme gimme gimme cam ability.