Yahoo Shopping question

Hello all, I found a replacement laptop battery on Yahoo shopping. I clicked buy now and selected my local 7-11. So far, no problems. However, the buyer told me since I am a first time user on yahoo shopping I have to prepay. I paid at a post office. Then she said there’s a 60 NT cargo fee. I didn’t really understand how shipping worked. I asked if she could ship to 7-11 and I’d pay there and she said no. I think I bought from an idiosyncratic single seller instead of a big company, or maybe my Chinese just isn’t good enough. Anyway, do I now go to the post office and pay 60 NT? Is there a better way to pay? If you don’t have a local credit card, how have you done on using shopping sites like Yahoo (I really miss Amazon :frowning:). Any help is appreciated.

Did you get it off of Yahoo auctions or the Yahoo mall site? It’s seems very suspect to me that you would pay one amount and then be asked to pay more, which is why I think you used the auction site. Hopefully, the person you are buying from is honest. I’ve heard that many of the listings on the Yahoo auctions are from scammers, and you should only buy things COD on that site in order to protect yourself. Assuming everything is on the up and up, doing another remittance would be your only option. Is the post office where your account is or hers? Generally, the seller will give you a bank account number and then you can send the money directly from your own account using an ATM, so I’m not really clear about how you paid before. I hope it works out for you. In the future, I would suggest using pchome’s 24 hr shopping service or momoshop. They are big companies that are very reliable, and if you end up needing to return things, it’s easy and simple. Another option would be pcstore, which is run by pchome, but has items from many small vendors. Everything on that site is regulated by pchome, so you don’t have to worry about getting ripped off. With all of those sites, you have the option of transferring your money from your bank account to pay, you just take the numbers they give you and go to the ATM.

Thanks! I think it was the auction site. This is kind of a gamble. Clearly I didn’t totally understand what I was doing. I sent the shipping payment today so hopefully it will come. I have used ebay to buy electronics from China, and that was actually easier. I’ll try the pchome in the future. I also heard about “ruten” today. I wish there were something as easy as amazon. I think in the future I’ll get a colleague to help.

Yeah that happen to me before on I wanted to buy like 10 packages of toploaders and asked for a combined shipping since it said it was 450nt, the seller refused arguing the gas increase and my stuff was worth only like 1500nt so I went ahead and canceled, and got all the stuff from somebody else and just paid 60nt for shipping.
I’m pretty picky on sellers ethics even when is more annoyance to me, or else I wont be able to let it go.

Just so you’re aware, you must have a Taiwanese ID number to have an account on Ruten; ARC or passport numbers won’t work. It is the only big shopping site that still does this, which is bizarre considering it claims to be a joint venture between pchome (which will allow foreigners to have accounts) and eBay.

Taiwanese protectionism at its worst. I wish it was truly an Ebay site, where you could really get accurate feedback on sellers and reliable protection on transactions. Alas, chabudoism and scams abound. But then, who cares? No one from abroad will buy there, right?

Taiwanese sellers always put outrageous prices on Ebay. Coincidence? I think not…

Why don’t Taiwan have ebay/amazon though? I mean, what are its restrictions?

Import mostly for Amazon. Ebay, as said, they did not allow entry, then they said partnership… mostly kicked out the competition after copying the model. Monopoly on the market. Was a big brouhaha a few years ago. not anymore.