Yahoo Sluggishness

Anyone regular Yahoo users who have experienced tremendously slow download times recently? For the past few days, accessing my e-mail has been difficult, and the home page only partially downloads.

I don’t have these problems with other websites. What gives?

I’m obviously no tech wizard. Looking for advice from the those who are wizards. I did do a Norton virus scan, and found a trojan horse that was isolated and deleted. What else should I try?

I’m currently having a problem with MSN being really slow - to the point where more times than not I am getting the “this page cannot be found” thingy. I am wondering if it is an internet problem as all my internet activity seems slow right now. Even slower than the forumosa site which is supposed to be slow at the moment! I have done a cleanup on my computer and have also defragmented. Also did a virus scan with Norton which turned up nothing. My ADSL speed right now is reading 100.0. Can that be right? I haven’t a clue about this kind of stuff!

Same problem here. Cannot access Yahoo mail all day today. A friend says Hotmail is the same. Don’t know the cause.

Haven’t been able to access Yahoo mail for a couple of days, bizarre.

Okay, here is where a tech genius like MaPoDoFu steps in and explains to us neophytes that the Yahoo and MSN systems have been taken over by cyberterrorists in an effort to demoralize all of us. Actually, any reasonable explanation will suffice.

This is the busiest fucking day of my week and I’m forced to resort to actually calling people. Imagine that–verbal communication! Egads!

Actually, they HAVE been taken over by terrorists. I believe their servers run an awful lot of Microsoft as operating systems.

Thanks for the free advertising! :slight_smile:

I’m not noticing any slowdowns. Try a tracert to the servers – I’m gonna guess that maybe some major Taiwan->US link is getting overwhelmed by traffic. Novarg worm, maybe?

They’ll probably be stunned by the personal touch and double their orders!

I’ve been really sluggish lately, but I don’t use yahoo. I probably need excercise.

This site is supposed to be slow, but I haven’t noticed any difference.

Day 2 of inability to access Yahoo email. Anyone get in recently?

Cleared up yesterday in the late afternoon for me. No problems today.

If it was a HiNet problem, wouldn’t that affect download speeds on all of the websites I visit? No trouble getting onto the “Bikini Babes From Sweden” site I visit…I mean, my friend visits when bored with work.

It’s been very slow the last 3 days getting into my Hotmail and Yahoo, but I can get in. I just have to leave a window open for abotu 5-0 minutes while it tries.


It’s been bloody maddening. I tried and tried to get into my e-mail for a whole two hours yesterday morning (in between doing other things, of course), but couldn’t gain access at all and finally just had to give up. It’s also been awfully slow for several evenings. It was better this morning, but by no means fully back to right. However, the problem has occurred only when using my ADSL at home – it’s been bang up to speed with no glitches at all in the office.

I can’t explain Yahoo’s problems, by Microsoft has been targeted by a new variant of the Novarg worm, called DoomJuice. That may be the reason for the Microsoft problems, and since business in Asia in general never patch, don’t have firewalls, and often don’t even run anti-virus scanners, it’s likely that the main backbones around Microsoft are overwhelmed.

Or maybe not, my surfing of American sites has been a little slow but not too bad.

On a very slightly related note, does anyone have any idea why I can view pictures on Yahoo groups at work but not on my home computer?

There is something strange over the past three days. Some sites come in quickly. Some have to be reloaded and reloaded over and over again … when those sites come in FINALLY they come in quick. It is very bizzare.

Back in business today. No access/speed problems at all with Yahoo.