Yamaha ASV-3 - see the problem here

From the Taipei Times:


The good - Airbag deploys on impact.
The bad - the kids/shopping shooting off over the horizon when the airbag deploys, and possibly a bit of a shock downstairs (mainly for the fellas :noway: ).


good way to crash the visor onto the handlebar… guess you’ll be pinned to the bike then…

hmmm… not great for the rider judging by how it looks, but it’s probably much better to have the kids launched clear of the bike before impact… :laughing: :help: … I always shudder to think what gruesome fate awaits the little kids who you see standing in front of their idiot, knuckle dragging parents, face just peeping out over the handlebars… that is until uncle Ah Huang in the blue truck pulls out in front of their speeding scooter… :noway:

Wouldn’t you pivot over it and end up breaking your back?