Yamaha Breeze scooter

Hey all,

Anyone out there drive a Yamaha Breeze. I’m buying a new scooter and this one is my first pick. Are there any pro’s or con’s to this bike? I spoke to one dealer and from what I could understand it’s the new version of the Yamaha Forte. Which is what I was going to get until I found out that the Breeze is the new model.


Are you thinking of another model? The Breeze is a motorcycle, not a scooter. It has been around many years. It sounds nice and has a comfy ride, but don’t expect any kind of decent acceleration from it.

The model I saw was a scooter, most definetly. It had the floor board for your feet and the seat pops up for your helmet.

OP is correct. There is a Yamaha 125 scooter called “Breeze” (sharing the same name as a motorcycle). It’s essentially, as OP said, the new version of the model I have, the “Forte.” However, I’ve still seen the Forte in dealerships. If they are yesterday’s news, see if you can get one for a deal. The Breeze is mechanically identical. All I can see is new plastic and a few other cosmetic changes.

Here’s one for sale: tw.page.bid.yahoo.com/tw/auction/1134491710

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Just asking, why this model? I see one the breeze only has a single side stock. Ride is going to be bouncy, and tire wear will be uneven. Why spend several thousand more and get the Yamaha GTR or Cygnus. Both have dual shocks and a more powerful engine. Plus, the resell value on Cygnus’ is very high. Just my opinion though.


tw.search.bid.yahoo.com/search/a … 2092081446

I really like the look of this model and I have taken it out for a test run and it seems to run very well, handles great. I also really like Yamaha bikes, my dad had one when I was a kid and I thought it was a pretty good bike. As for why I don’t want the Cygnus it’s all about price point. 49,000 for a Yamaha with disc brake is a great price. Plus I’m getting a few accessories at a reduced rate.


If you feel comfortable with a bike then that’s all you need to know. Goodluck with the purchase, and let us know how it runs. Cheers!

the scooter runs great and I’m actually thinking of getting a different muffler. There’s nothing wrong with the one I have now but I want to add a little punch to the ride. But I think it runs great and it is everything I expected a Yamaha to be.


yup its a scooter all right. I got one. Had it for about 6 months now. Runs great. It is more than just new plastic, and cosmetics. It rides quite differrently infact. It rides a little lower, and had some minor other changes from the forte. Most minor, however i have been ‘told’ a number of times that it is diffferent than the forte, its an ‘upgraded model’. I dont know any of that for sure, but some things are different. Its very easy to put on the main kickstand, which doesnt seem like much but is great when you find a tight spot. There are other changes, but thats the one that made me happy today. Good bike, im sure not the ‘best’ but for the price id pick it again over the forte. More comfortable and better top end compared to my 3 yr old SYM Atilla.