Yancheng explosion (China)


When I first saw the photos, I thought they were old pics from the explosion that happened in Tianjin a few years ago.
Close to 70 confirmed deads, with dozens severely injured.


That crater is insane.


Holy shit!!!


For comparison’s sake, here’s a BEFORE picture. :flushed:


The bit starting at :27 is nuts.


Holy shit! That’s insane!


This happened like 4 days ago.


He’s right guys. Let’s move on to one of the hundreds of more interesting things than an apocalyptic industrial explosion that have happened since then.


Dang. Looks a bomb was dropped.

Sounds like they are not speaking Mandarin.


It doesn’t look as big as the Tianjin one. That was insane. If you haven’t seen it-


I could do without the obnoxious asshole’s commentary. Had to mute it.

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My point is why was this posted today and not on the day it happened?


Who. Cares?

You really have to complain about everything, don’t you?


Looks like a meteor hit it.


There’s an important lesson here. If you ever find yourself within viewing distance of something like this, take cover. You’ll be strongly tempted to gawk, but you should seek cover instead. At least turn your face away - at a minimum. The last thing you won’t see will be the debris that kills or maims you.

The event will be followed by a shock wave. The further away you are, the longer it will take to reach you. Watch the video and you will see people watching the explosion from a few hundred meters away through glass windows - and then the windows implode upon them. Stay under cover until the shock wave passes, and cover your ears, too.


Turn your head and take a selfie. Then update Instagram.

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I’m actually shocked no one did it. Or maybe someone did it, but that lowered their social credit score and they’re now in a gulag.

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Instagram? In China?


Clearly not.

I don’t even use Facebook, so I’m unlikely to know these things.


Maybe using vpn?