Yang Ming Shan Dog School?

Hi, does anyone have experience with or know about a dog school in Yang Ming Shan (Beitou area) run by one Mr. Chang (I guess it’s 張, zhang1)??

We’d be interested in any comments about the school and to learn about the exact location, thanks! Xpet. :scooby:

There’s an OUTSTANDING dog training school in SanSia. They train police dogs mostly, but pets are welcome. All the training is based on positive reinforcement (the trainers I’ve encountered in Taipei have all advocated hitting as the best way to train a dog :fume: I’d like to train them the same way.)

The dogs at Universal all seemed to be having a great time and were all meticulous in their behaviour and in following instructions.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the card any more, so you would need to search on the Internet in Chinese (“dog training sansia” in Chinese should do it).