Yang Style Taijiquan -- but real classes?

Hi All,
My first post on Forumosa, and I hope someone can help me out?
I am interested in learning Yang Style Taijiquan (actually, to learn swordplay eventually), and would like to join a real class, because I prefer instruction, over the free practices at parks.

A limitation is that my Chinese is only adequate, and I can only go to class in the evenings or weekends.

Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

  • Kdub

You could contact the International Tai Chi Chuan Federation which organizes a lot of Taiji activities in Taiwan and abroad.
See itccf.org

If you are limited to English instruction, I’d recommend you to contact the Norwegian representative. He is still in Taiwan and have studied Taiji here for 10 years. norway@itccf.org. (And he is actually an American)

Thank you very much, lysfjord, for the helpful info. This put me in touch with Mr. Chris Robinson, who kindly provided the recommendation below:

There is a very good teacher of Yang Style Tai Chi near Nan Jing East Road station. The Head Instructor is Anna Tsai, Tsai An-Na, a member of the recent national team that went to the internationals in USA. Her team is very professional and teaches many forms of Wushu, basic Yoga, and Tai Chi Chuan including of course Yang style Tai Chi Chuan.
Courses are taught in Chinese. Ms. Tsai might speak a little English.
Her course fee varies depending on the courses taught.
You can contact Anna Tsai at 27621779 or 27696560.