Yankee or Dixie?

I took this test and the results are that I speak 70% Dixie. I guess having been born in Texas and having lived in Alabama until I was 5, and then summering in Georgia every year until I was about 17 yrs old had an impact, despite my growing up in Pittsburgh.

chuckchamblee.com/dom/fun/ya … e_quiz.htm

86% dixie!

Oh my! I forgot to capitolize Dixie! I’m liable ta be shot.

And I’d like to ask if I’m the only one out there who grew up not knowing that a Chester drawer and a chest of drawers were the same thing?

53% (Dixie). Barely into the Dixie category.

I don’t think the test is meant for people who do not live in the USA

61 Dixie and I’m an Aussie. Some had no answer though eg Aunt.

65 percent Dixie. :shock:

53%, barely into the Dixie category. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. And, with the exception of two years in the MidWest and two years in DC (and now Taiwan), I’ve always lived there.

Any Dixie-ization of my speech, though, probably comes from my father who is from Mary-land. He says things like Thee-AY-ter (theater), UHM-brella (umbrella), and poym (poem). Though, after living 40 some years in Yankee-land, he says those things less and less. :mrgreen:

Where, if you don’t mind my asking? My family moved to Pittsburgh (where my folks were from) in 1968 and I grew up there.

67 percent Dixie.

My family moved around a bit when I was growing up, but I’ve never lived in anyplace I think of as being part of the South.


To use a California-ism, like duh.

Sheeeet! I ain’t no damn Yankee!
But I came out as only 54% Dixie.

I reckon I done been here too dang long and gone and lost it! Ain’t that righ-tcha’ll?

Born in Florida, raised near the Ohio/Kentucky border with family from Virginia and Kentucky originally and some Alabama roots, went to school in the “foothills of the Appalachians”…score? 52% Dixie. Damn. That just ain’t right, y’all. Anymore people forget their southern roots. Now where’s my clicker at?