Yaris....a sporty speedster?

Just curious…

Driving on the highway at 110 kph I am often passed by Yaris driving maybe 130 kph. I usually do not pay much attention to who passes me but starting noticing Yaris when on one trip 4 or 5 Yaris blew by me within two hours. Then recently my dentist told me he was going to pick up his special edition sport model direct from Japan. He could afford a fancier car than Yaris so was surprised he was so excited about his soon to arrive Yaris.

What is the deal? Is Yaris really a sporty small car?

Absolutely. If you get the right one.

The new Yaris GR is an absolute monster. Will eat Porsche at the track. Toyota’s changed their game with a few hot models recently


I see tricked-out Yaris car clubs sometimes around 5 or 10 cars all zooming along together or maybe all parked at the same McDonald’s.


Interesting. I do not keep track of car trends very much so had no idea about what Yaris was about.

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Aha, there are 2 very distinct models

“Toyota GR Yaris is as thrilling as a Porsche 911… Despite sharing a name with the rather more sedate Yaris”

Same here but dang it definitely looks nice. I’ll definitely be looking at them when I get back to the states.

Yaris is discontinued in the US.

They’re bringing the GR Corolla here (same drivetrain as GR Yaris).

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