Yeah...its Friday again...and here's some music

Right On Brother…He’s a complicated man…

Very clever. Thanks TC. Got a good laugh out of that. I had not heard (nor heard of) the band before. Quite a few of their other covers are on Youtube and definitely worth a listen.
Be warned though people, it’s thirst-inducing music. :slight_smile:

I’ve had this group going all afternoon in the office. Thanks, TC!

It’s Friday? Which seat can I choose?

What’s the big deal? Friday? It’s just another day in the week, the same as any other.
I just found out today that I get Monday off.

PPl and The New Riders bring back a lot of good memories. PPL was/is still performing…after all these years…lol

Brother, I was all ready (after that uke debacle) to out you as One Sick Fuck, but Amie made it aaaal better…
WTF is this?
I swear I haven’t heard that song in 30 years, and I know EVERY FUCKIN word…

Quoyaniskaatsi, indeed…



Here’s one’s sure to appeal to some a-you. Saw these guys at around the time this was filmed. Funny. I remember them as being much cooler-looking. :laughing: