Yearning for Peking/Beijing Duck

Any recommendations for a good Beijing duck restaurant in Taipei appreciated. Been in Asia for years but seem to have missed out on this treat. :blush:

I usually see that in take-out places that specialize in duck. Just look for the rows of roast ducks hanging near the front of a store.

The store will slice off most of the meat onto a plate, then take the remainder of the duck and stir-fry it with basil, sauce and lajiao. The store will also give you some crepe-like pancakes, green onions and sauce. Yum! About NT$350 for a whole duck that way, IIRC.

That’s what I had for Thanksgiving last year…


There’s a Beijing Duck restaurant near my gaff. I’m no expert on Chinese food but the duck there is excellent and i’ve been eating there quite regularly for the past five years.

It’s on Hoping b[/b] about two minutes walk west of Roosevelt. Name: Lo Wei Lo (sp.)
Address: 60(?), Hoping b[/b] West Rd., Sec. 1…it’s a big red place; you can’t miss it.

The proof of a good Beijing duck place is how good the fried up parts are after the breast has been sliced off. Best I’ve had was from some place in Muzha. The Beijing duck place on Shi-Da Rd. opposite Wellcome is alright.

But if you don’t want carry out, there’s a restaurant on Fuxing near Nanjing that serves a superlative version. The name escapes me, but it’s on the 2nd floor and it’s close to the southwest corner of that intersection. Big long signs saying Beijing Kao Ya in Chinese below the second floor window. You can see inside the restaurant from the street as there is a long row of windows along Fuxing.

Not sure about their Peking Duck, but “Bei Jing Lo” on Roosevelt just north of the intersection with Shita has great Beijing-style cooking. We’ve always made sure to stick to northern and Beijing-style dishes when ordering there and have never failed to enjoy the meal.

Just wanted to name the same place Alien already mentioned. Recommended!

I tried the Beijing duck place on Fuxing N Road. It was pretty tasty although the duck was a little dry. The accompanying soup (containing the duck bones) was excellent also.

As to the restauraunt, we had plenty of fun just watching the wait staff. What a house of horrors! Half the waitresses looked like hookers in their tight black mini skirts and the others appeared to be lesbians, one of whom, a very big girl ooozing out of her extra large ‘uniform’, could only be described as ‘an amazon’ to use my father’s description. The presiding authority was a super surly manageress who hissed ‘happy moon festival’ out of the extremes of her mouth as guests left. Who needs zoos!

But don’t let that put you off! Let not the once thick red pile carpet that’s done more miles than my old deux chevaux, nor the scurrying rat I encountered amongst the soiled toilet paper disuade you from sampling this ‘taste of Taiwan’ :unamused:

I like the take out joint on Shida Rd across from the Welcome Supermarket and not far from the famous accupuncture doc (Dr. Ma at 110 Shida Rd, 6/F).

Does anyone know what ever became of the Jen Peiping Kao Ya place that used to be on the second or third floor (can’t remember) of the old Chunghua Rd Market Bazaar? That place was filthy, but they had good duck.

If you are looking for Beijing duck in a nice restaurant, I would definitely recommend 天廚(Tienchu)菜館. Located near the corner of Chungshan N Rd and Nanjing W Rd, right across the street from Mitsukoshi. (don’t remember how much it cost though)
If I remember correctly, the owner is a retired soldier who is originally from Northern Mainland China.

Whenever my boss is in Taiwan we go to the Westin Beijing restaurant for Beijing Duck. It is very expensive, but very good with an excellent presentation. My boss pays. Also there is a place on the Northwest side of Nanjing W. Rd. nearby the intersection with Chungshan N. Rd. Loads and loads of Japanese tourists go there. One of those big table restaurants. Can’t remember the name, look for the tourist buses. It is supposed to have excellent Peking Duck according my friend whose family has lived in the area for over 70 years.

Xilaishun, the one just off Minsheng East Road (first alley on the left hand side, as you go eastwards down Minsheng after crossing Tunhwa). That would get my vote for tasty-cheap-and-well-sorta-cheerful.

Anyone know where I can get Peking Duck in Taipei? I know its not popular in Taiwan, esp in Taipei, but I’m sure its around (I think I’ve seen one driving around somewhere).
Also, I mean a fairly inexpensive, take-out type, not a fancy restaurant.


not popular with taiwanese? you kidding right? they are everywhere. do a search on this baord for both peking and beijing duck… has been discussed b4.

my 2 faves are -

  • shida opposite wellcome for great takeout
  • near WTC

all the details are in another thread

Sorry… should have said not popular compared to ‘the motherland.’ My search doesn’t seem to be working, but I’ll try again.

My favourite’s in Muzha on the main road, the one where the daughter is married to a foreign chappie. Maybe Muzha Man can help with the precise address.
Only problem is, you have to be prepared to wait (and wait) sometimes – the queue sometimes stretches away along the street). I think its only take-away and only open for a few hours each evening.
But I can’t think of a tastier way to induce a heart attack! :wink:
Oh, and make sure you always order extra pancakes, plum sauce and scallions. Why do these places always seem so stingy when it comes to the extras?

It’s not so common in Tainan but there’s a good takeout joint on Kaiyuan road, right across from the night market. 150 NT for half a duck with all the trimmings, which should be more than enough to fill you up.

I still vote for Taoranting (Fushing No Rd. #86 2F just southwest of the Fushing Nanking intersection.)

The one on Nanking West Road is Celestial Garden (Chinese: Tianchu as in Heavenly Kitchen) #12 2 or 3F. Better in the old days, bit down on its luck these days. Seems to cater to tour groups and that means it is basically another Yibinlou (as in Chung Hsiao E. Rd. Sec. 1) tall bldg near the Shantao Temple across and up from Sheraton Hotel. The latter is especially disappointing. That said, there is a small Peking style restaurant on Linsen S Rd around the corner from the Sheraton and across from the McDonald’s that makes pretty good Peking duck but you have to order in advance. Finally, there is that place on Roosevelt near the intersection of Hoping (Heping), but I always forget the name and I have not been there in a while. Go to Taoranting. Safer, cheaper, better. Nicer. Again, though these places are a bit loud Chinese style so perhaps a business meeting should be avoided on a friday or saturday night when the beer drinking rambunctious locals might get a bit too noisy to even think.

Also the owner/manager of Taoranting is very adept at catering to foreigners as in quieting excessively noisiness and moving diners to quieter and less smoky tables when so desired. Very accommodating.

The precise address is No. 108 Muhsin Rd. Sec.3, (

Umm… you wouldn’t happen to be the “foreign chappie” himself, would you? Anyway, many thanks for the telephone number and advance ordering info. I didn’t know you could do that. How’s the kid, btw? (if you are indeed the owner’s hubby) He or she was a tiny baby last time I saw it. Very cute.

Yeah. Zhuang Jing lu. On the intersection by uncle Bubba’s Chicken.