Yeliu Dolphin Show

We went there Saturday. It was not bad. For 350 for adult and 300 for kids, you can see an aquarium and an hour show. The aquarium is not that big but has a variety of salt water animals. We were trying to find the fish that were in Finding Nemo. Then the show was pretty nice. They had three bottle-nosed dolphins and one that looked more like a small black whale. Then they brought out some seals. One big one and one small sea lion. They all did the usual stuff, jumping, catching, balancing balls. Then they had a group of synchronised swimmers. There was a lot of humor in the act.

On the way there we noticed some wind power generators. I hadn’t seen them before. You can drive up there and take a walk up to one of them. It’s pretty impressive how big they are. and the turning blade makes a cool whoosh whooosh whoosh noise.

Did they have a group fo swimmers doing really high dives? Saw that last year, scary!

Yes they did. That pool must be deeper than it looks.