Yeliu - Queen's Head -- origin of name

Another question, and yes, I searched. I always assumed the Queen’s head rock formation in Yeliu was called the Queen’s Head because of its striking resemblance to the famous bust of Queen Nefertiti. However, someone who works at the park (with an unknown level of education and familiarity with Western civilization) told me that the rock formation is named for Queen Elizabeth II, and has nothing to do with Queen Nefertiti at all.
I am suspicious: after all, the rock doesn’t look like Queen Elizabeth at all, but does bear more than a passing resemblance to Nefertiti.
Does anyone know the facts?
Thanks in advance.

Nefertiti, of course.

a local katooey :smiling_imp:

Thats a terribly close spelling to katoey…

I’ve heard both versions. Looks like a rock to me :idunno:
But when they say it looks like Elisabeth II, they mean something like this:

Not the best picture but the first one I found.

Oh well, maybe I’m wrong, but I expect it’s been called the Queen’s Head rock since before the early 1950s, which would put Lizzy Windsor out of the picture.

My guess is that it was called The Queen’s Head by Nefertiti but as that lady is already dead, it’s easier to say it looks like Lizzy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think it’s sposd to be anyone - just a queen.