Yellow fever vaccination(where do i go?)

I’m headed to Africa next month and I’m required to get vaccinated for yellow fever. Can I just go to any hospital in Taipei or is there a dedicated health clinic for vaccinations?

Hmmm, I check up the website of CDC of Taiwan and suddenly realize that I hardly can find a detailed description of where to get vaccination for yellow fever. It’s weird that a center of disease control tells me only what the disease is but no clue of where to get vaccinated. This information or related link is supposed to be attached nearby. :s

The information I get, sadly to say, is to google on the internet. You can go to see the family physicians of National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) or Mackay Memorial Hospital. It is said that at least these two hospitals in Taipei area provide the service of vaccination. If you go to NTUH, there is a clinic of travel medicine, which is responsible by a doctor named Shao-Yi Cheng. Good luck.

For something like this, I would definitely only go to a university hospital like NTU or Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial.
Who the hell knows what’s growing inside those vials at the clinics or how old they are!

Eh, guys, you can get the info, probably even vaccinated at the Centers for Disease Control, close to Shandao Temple station.

When in doubt, go to the baby ward of the hospital. Here, that is where they give such vaccinations. I got mine there, i think it was under $1000?

Thanks. For anyone else that wants to know, its the family clinic at ntu hospital on the second floor clinic #10. Times are 8a-11a and 130p-3p. Make sure you go to the info desk on the first floor to fill out an Outpatient Initial Assessment Form beforehand.

Where to go throughout Taiwan