Yes, Liberals... Government... Big Govt Comes at a Cost

[quote]The Greek government has so far been unable to present any significant progress in reforming its
600,000 strong public sector
, which is widely criticized for being inefficient and corrupt. After missing several deadlines, Athens have put together a list of 12,500 state workers slated for a ‘mobility pool,’ in which they are given eight months to find work in another department or get fired.

More protests are expected in Greece on Thursday as German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, is expected to arrive in Athens for talks. Many Greeks blame Germany, which is the leading sponsor of economic austerity in the EU, for their economic troubles, labeling Chancellor Angela Merkel as a modern day Nazi. [/quote]

Ah… yes… the costs of patronage and nonproductive employment. This is a warning to any developed economy who wants to dump even more money into NGOs, government services, patronage employment and to use the government sector to provide jobs for those who cannot seem to manage to find them to advance “social justice”… Think the US postal service… look at the UN… California… New York… Illinois… Detroit… Argentina… Egypt… But this example regarding Greece is instructive… 600,000 public sector workers in a nation of what? 10 million? Notice that those who protest deem those who do not want to continue to throw money at this problem “Nazis.” Yet, the fact that this small nation has 600,000 public sector workers never seems to have crossed anyone’s mind as being a problem. Now that the money has really run out after more than a decade of dire warnings, these people seem surprised, disgusted, angry and petulant… What next? suburban housewives who have maxed out their credit cards? So, remember people, Big Government has a Big Cost and like Thatcher always said, the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of someone else’s money! :loco: :loco: :loco:

It’s a Greek tragedy. They listened to the siren song of big spending. They fed on the lotus plants of government handouts. The witch of big government has turned them into swine. The Gods on Mount Olympus are punishing them for their fall from the free market. Their only hope is the invisible hand of mighty Hercules, or Percy the Lightening Thief.

[quote] They listened to the siren song of big spending.[/quote]

But I am sure that they meant well and it was to help a “marginalized” group to promote “social justice” and that it was done to foster “full employment” to help “develop distressed neighborhoods” while funding “community organizers” to “assist to cultivate to develop” the “necessary tools” to “enable these individuals” to achieve “full participation in the economy.”

The Greek labor force is almost 5 million so 600,000 is 12%.

Currently the UK public sector workforce comprises over 20% of the total and was higher when Thatcher retired. Hmm.

I am sure it is as high in Taiwan as well and most economically developed countries. Obviously the raw numbers tell us nothing.

Oh mighty Zeus, we have offended thee by binding yon Prometheus. Let us loosen the restrictive corporate taxes and bask in your sunshine.
Go fuck your mother, Oedipus.