Yesterday I was in a YouBike-Scooter accident and I'm terrified

How do you know the scooter rider was “speeding, dangerous” and didn’t make “observations”? Perhaps the OP suddenly cycled out in front of a scooter rider riding at or below the speed limit and due to the scooter riders skill he managed to avoid hitting the OP.

I ride my bike everyday here and think cars want to hit me everywhere.
I hope this works out in your favor.
Reading bicycle rights in tw is depressing i thought we had some right of way.

Good luck!!

because thats how everyone here rides… and riding a bike on a crossing really shouldn’t be illegal. its the safest(fastest) way to cross the road in taiwan. i don’t feel safe AT ALL when crossing on foot.

I dont think i have seen anyone ride there bike and get off to walk across the crosswalk.
Some rules in tw are a flat joke

i’ve seen one guy do it. on a scooter.

There is a reason for that

Just left the police station. Apparently the scooter driver has a torn ligament. The police officer is submitting the CCTV footage for a judge to decide how much responsibility I’ll have to take. Police didn’t care about the flashing yellow light. Police officer did day that the scooter driver seems like a very rational person and that she doesn’t think he will try to take a lot of money from me. The police officer friend-of-a-friend told me to sign the accident report, so I did.

Did you get to see the video?

or the zebra crossing?

Dismount at zebra crossings then remount on cycle path. Unless there are lines for the bike which run parallel on either side of the crossing not in the pedestrian crossing.


Yes, but the camera angle is bad - there is a tree branch blocking the view of the camera where I am. The other CCTV camera was one of those one picture per second type deals, so it wasn’t particularly useful either.

Not really sure what happens next. I guess the guy is going to the station this afternoon to fill out his report, then it gets kicked up the chain because the officer that took the report didn’t feel like she could determine the percentage of fault for each party.

After seeing the footage do you feel more like you did something wrong? Or opposite ?
Im curious, i often wave at drivers as i enter intersections
Did the driver see you?

Neither do I, a large part of that is due to the number of scooters and cyclists who think they can ride across the zebra crossing near my home (close to riverside “cycling” path).

Why? It is in most countries. A bicycle is classed as a vehicle when being ridden, do you think other vehicles should be allowed to use zebra crossings?

I feel the same as before. I genuinely did not see the scooter.

But according to your picture there is a pedestrian crosswalk , the scooter should reduce speed when approaching a pedestrian crossing

You can take a look at the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act


Also all scooters must have any kind of insurance , so the paperwork is required to get some percentage cover by the insurance

When a person suffers injury, disability, or loss of life as the result of a traffic accident, within the limit of the insured amount, regardless of whether the injuring party is at fault, a claimant may promptly receive insurance benefits from an insurer or compensation from the Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation Fund (aka the “Compensation Fund”).

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in 2013~14 they changed the law regarding contact. It used to be if he didn’t touch you, you didn’t have an ‘accident’. That’s different now.

YouBike has now mandatory insurance. How are the terms for 3rd party damages?
You might be covered.

YouBike insurance when registering is optional. I stupidly declined.

I’m liable to blame the scooter driver 90% of the time. Especially Uber eats/ food panda drivers, Jesus, those people drive like they don’t want to live.

Makes drivers in HCMC seem tame in comparison.

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