Yet another mass shooting in the US

I just don’t know what’s so special about AR15’s. Does a shot from an AR15 hurt more than say from a Remington 700?

Well as Australia has shown and people must know, going after some of the guns won’t do much and so isn’t the endgame.

If they ever banned assault rifles, that will just be the start, right?

Which is why gun owners refuse to give an inch, because they know the endgame is ban on ALL weapons, like the UK where carrying anything, even a pencil with the intent to defend yourself is illegal.

Today it’s AR15’s, tomorrow it could be anything else.

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Oh, ok, that didn’t seem to be the case given that you said it irked you the pushback against good Samaritans like him and he’s gonna do time and you were like damn, when the good guys go to jail doing the cops jobs.

No, it seemed like you thought he was being a good guy doing his thing, so… I didn’t know what the takeaway was (with some limited hyperbole).

most gun owners are willing to give a bit.

Touché. Lol

Lets organise us a militia and go hunt bears in suburbia. :laughing:

Not that there’s any connection between US shootings and this one, but it’s in the news here.

But here’s one anyway

Serbia has declared three days of national mourning over the tragedy.

We lower flags.

Because the suspect is 13, he is too young to be held criminally responsible, the prosecutor’s office in Belgrade said

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Are you basing this on any facts? As far as I recall, that’s never even come close to having been established.

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Correct my friend. The donkeys and elephants keep going at it because peanuts are constantly being thrown into their cages. The average Joe wants to be left alone, holding onto the inalienable right to self protection. F#cking simple.

Sideline quarterbacks are still cool though, in my opinion.

Cheers :clinking_glasses:

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Yup those whataboutism cars.

Ok, and so this shows he targeted white people in this attack, how? Only white people in WI go to parades or something (ok, that might be true, but whatever)? Did he swerve away from non white people while running people over?

Seen lots of news this year of massive killings in Texas? State was/is popular for Taiwanese but has things changed for the worse there or has it been like this before?

I like the music.

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I’ve lived in Texas all of my life and haven’t noticed a change lately. People still go to work, have fun on the weekends, go grocery shopping, etc.

I know an American-born Taiwanese. He’s raising his family here in Texas and has a good life.

Do you believe that Taiwan has gone crazy?


No , we don’t have mass shootings in Taiwan. Yet anyway.

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You’re being slow boiled like a Texan frog my friend.
There’s changes everywhere all the time. You had a big change on your gun laws in 2021, 1 minute search found that.

People carrying guns around with no licence is nuts.

What happens when you have an argument over there? :slight_smile:

Its NORMAL for dudes to just kill their neighbours when they ask them can you stop the random shooting for a bit. Or to jump out of a car in battle gear at the mall and start shooting everybody. Its NORMAL.

This makes SO much sense since obviouslyTexas is like living in the Wild West y’all.

Basically any idiot who has not been convicted and over 21yrs old can walk around with a gun.

Even a shotgun or a rifle.

fuxking idiots

Texas law does not specifically put restrictions on who can carry a long gun such as a rifle or shotgun


This is exactly like all Taiwanese overseas thinking that Taiwan’s going to war with China. Tomorrow.

A little perspective please. Let’s all step back and take a few breaths. A chill pill, as it were.


Take a step back with that rifle, sir .

It’s my right officer!

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JFK was shot dead in Texas and the first mass murder in which 15 people were randomly shot dead by a deranged gunman occurred there in 1966 so maybe it’s nothing new.

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