Yet another mass shooting in the US

No it won’t. We’ve been through this. If you make it harder to kill people, less people will die.


I’m sure the “thoughts and prayers and more guns yeehaw ‘murrca freedumb eagle!” strategy will start working any day now. We just haven’t tried it hard enough yet.

You can kill a lot of people with knives, car, bomb, whatever. If someone got it in their mind to kill, they will find a way. Fire can kill a lot more than bullets in fact.

We gotta figure out why people are doing this, rather than try to reduce deaths by taking away the means to do it (because people are creative and will find ways to kill if they want to).

And guns are easier to make than you think, even if it won’t be the most effective way to kill.

We should make it harder for governments to kill people. Far more people have died at the hands of governments than mass shooters.

Again, why do you think Americans are more likely to kill lots of people? What makes them different to everyone else?


No, that guy’s cranium did.

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Limited use of the metric system.

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Maybe it’s toxic culture? I don’t know. A lot of Americans still subscribe to that Puritan culture, maybe there’s a lot of repressed rage? Maybe sexual repression? They can’t seem to separate nudity from sex for example (in the EU you will see nudity in mass media, in the US you’d get in trouble for this).

I honestly don’t know.

Maybe instead of putting people in jail for talking about doing something, give him a bunch of pussy. Perhaps that will stop a lot of this.

You are confident that you know that gun control isn’t the answer.

No, because America’s had guns throughout its history and that mass shooting is recent. There are also other countries that have guns everywhere, like Switzerland, Israel, etc. and they don’t have near the same problems (I understand it’s not always in civilian hands, but fact is those countries have lots of guns everywhere).

Plus throughout history weapon control laws wasn’t even a thing until the 20th century.

Also remember those guys standing guard at military bases, they’re not professionally vetted soldier who scored high on the ASVAB test, they’re random civilians serving their military time. any of them could have went nuts and decided to go mass shooting, with an ACTUAL assault rifle to boot. They do carry live rounds too.

Yes, you are confident that gun control isn’t the answer.

Why are you saying “No”?

I’m very confident that a total ban on guns won’t stop mass shooting because people determined to kill will find a way to do it.

And that can’t even happen in the US. Even a tightening of regulations wouldn’t do a whole lot.

Plus most who commit mass shootings have no criminal history. How is current gun laws in the US going to fix that? They also have no mental issue that would cause them to fail a psych evaluation either.

After all we’ve had soldiers and cops commit mass shootings (except cops can get away with it).

What toxic is your suggestion to “give him a bunch of pussy.”

Quite a disgusting and disrespectful thing to say.


OK, you’ve moved from gun control to “a total ban on guns”.

Of course there will always be mass shootings/stabbings/baseball battings etc.

Because that’s kinda their goal. Get rid of guns completely.

Well I’m not them.

So since many mass shooters have no criminal history or detectable mental health issue, how would you make sure such people can’t get guns? How would licensing or permitting system screen such people out? How would you prevent them from stealing or taking guns from a licensee?

And how do you stop them from resorting to other deadlier means of killing (such as blocking emergency exit of a crowded venue and setting it on fire)?

That’s not true. At all. Especially the more recent cases. You’re rambling. To provide context, you’ve rattled off 8 rhetorical questions in the last few posts. It’s a red flag you might want to take note of so that you don’t wind yourself up and eat three pizzas or something.


A fair few of them do.

You seem to be looking at things from a zero sum perspective. There will always be killings. The frequency and number of which will vary. Because it will never be zero doesn’t justify allowing it to be the highest frequency on the planet.

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Fuck thoughts and prayers!

So, what’s the solution that will actually work?