Yet another mass shooting in US

And another one!

‘Chicago hospital shooting: A young cop, doctor, pharmacy resident and the gunman all die in Mercy Hospital attack’

I believe that by current year Chicago standards 4 murders in a day is actually below average.


Exactly. This is like a surplus of still alive people. The only reason it made the news is because it fits the agenda of the people who want to take away legal guns.

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Yup, not newsworthy. Just another shootout at a hospital. Doctor and pharmacy student caught in crossfire probably. Womp-womp.

Grey’s Anatomy season 6 finale realness.

Likely not, but yikes

^Problem glasses detected.

She was only 18 years old? Does anyone else feel her photos make her look much older than 18?

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Another one.

I feel like this happens on such a frequency that it’d probably be better to combine all the topics. Like the air pollution thread.

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It’s terrible. If it carries on there will be more deaths than knife murders in London . I guess you could hand in your kitchen knives to reduce the availability of weapons though :thinking:

You want Londoners to have guns :joy:

Goodness … knives seem bad enough :cold_sweat:

Yeah, it’s terrible here. Just another surreal day in Celebrity Nation.

I am seriously not understanding the logic of this post

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it shows that man kills man, and many times to a far larger degree when done with non-guns.
killing will never go away in society

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Is this what the US has come to? Being compared to Congo? It’s a first world country for fuck’s sake. And your justification to this issue is people kill people? Are you serious?

Republicans are impossible.


I love how conservatives will moan about our values being destroyed but when it comes to lunatics blasting away at a bunch of people with a gun, there’s always some justification for it.


What? Mine?

Frustration maybe. :idunno:

Yes. Are we really comparing to the Congo now.

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if y’all think evil will go away, then there’s some land in the Everglades with some nice bridges.
evil comes in many forms

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