Yet another mass shooting in US


A constitution that was made up somewhere in the late 1700’s does not reflect the real world now. It’s as stale as old bread!


That’s why we need a Supreme Politbureau. Nine people of the right political persuasion to do what they think is right and let the law (if ever) catch up, not that it’s really important anymore because the traditional legislative process is as stale as old bread.

The only trick is making sure we get at least five people on the Supreme Politbureau who agree with our version of what’s right and not yours.

Legalized prostitution zone in Wanhua District

Come, come, I’ve lived here 27 years and barely a scratch. Foreigners so often think there are frequent horrendous deaths on the streets here from mothers carrying 6 toddlers without helmets on a scooter upon roads on which gravel trucks hurtle hither and thither. Truth is it rarely happens.

Drunk driving though, that is a real issue.


You couldn’t be more wrong.


He said 10 million times more likely…I have numbers on my side. If it was 10 million times more likely human life on Taiwan would have ended in 1971.


Did I say 10 million? I meant 10 billion


Something hasn’t happened to me yet. Therefore it will never happen. Also, it’s very rare because again it’s never happened to me specifically.

Very solid logic there. :face_with_monocle:


This is the logic followed by the vast majority of the human race, so it must be solid…right?


Sure. That’s what I was saying. Rock solid! Why? Did you think I was being sarcastic?! Heaven forbid! :astonished:


Yeah I was obviously being facetious there. My point is I’ve seen lots of accidents here, but mostly dickheads driving too fast or driving stupidly. I’ve never seen a bad pedestrian accident and I’ve never seen a mother with 4 toddlers, 2 dogs, a goldfish and the morning shopping come a cropper. This is my empirical evidence. 27 years x 365 days = 9855 days on the road. I’m not saying accidents haven’t happened, just that, against all the odds…it simply doesn’t happen often.


Back on topic, how would Comrade Politbureau’s five Chosen Ones make America’s high schools safer? If the theory is that fewer guns will result in more guns, how would repealing the 2nd Amendment work?


The politics in the US of A is way too toxic to allow any meaningful debate of any new gun regulations, I believe. It is easier to get a gun, than a drivers license. And that trend has been going on for the past 25 years or so. For a while, the SC was tossing out state and local restrictions on ownership and possession. Hell, states are quickly loosening and getting rid of hurdles to firearm ownership. Unrestricted permit-less conceal carry is now permitted in a 13 states, and expanding. Once the genie is out of the bottle, there is no returning it (unless the genie is from a Muslim nation, or its papers are otherwise not in order).

It is not quite Mad Max yet, well, not in all parts. As an example, small town MO has no use for the guv’ment to come pressing their nose in their business, federal OR state! FREEDOM!


Honestly get run over in Taiwan is pretty avoidable if you just realize you dont have the right of way as a pedestrian and people drive like assholes on the road.

Kinda like if you don’t want to get shot or stabbed going out in the US. Just apologize if you step on someone’s shoes or bump into them. And walk away when there’s a scuffle.

You shouldn’t have to worry about either issue. But the sooner you just accept this and go along with it the better your life will be. The people that complain about the driving will just be miserable, because it’s not going to change. In fact I’ve learned to enjoy it.




Now that’s the kind of fake news I can get behind.


Some of these assholes don’t even slow down when they see me walking across the street with my baby in a stroller. It’s all sorts of fucked up. But I’ve learned to anticipate it and be on guard at all times.

Dude, tell that to the kids at Sandyhook or the concertgoers at the show outside the Mirage hotel in Vegas. Spree shooters just don’t give a fuck. Granted, it’s still unlikely in the grand scheme of things, but far more common than any other developed country in the world by a lot.

I agree you shouldn’t go through your whole life worrying. But I think it’s okay to be aware of societal problems, such as traffic fatalities; helps to avoid the associated dangers. For example, my in-laws just toss their kids in the car with no seatbelts like they’re transporting sacks of potatoes. In a serious crash, everyone would be dead. The mom-in-law (also without seatbelt) just wanted to bring along my daughter in her arms. I made a scene and insisted she stay in the car seat I brought along. I don’t care if that makes me a pain in the ass. Her safety is worth it. So I can’t advocate going with the flow when there’s risk involved.


Seat belts are not a negotiation when I drive. I don’t know how people don’t wear it. I force everyone to wear one or I won’t drive them. I’ve was karting, racing cars, drag racing before I can legally drive and follow formula 1 and such so I’ve seen first hand how important seat belts are. I don’t get in a car to race unless the shits reinforced with double straps. But I’m not sure Taiwanese are worst about it, I had the same moans and complains from people when I drove in the US.


My brother-in-law is an ass. My wife has tried to tell him before, but he doesn’t care. It’s bad enough he doesn’t wear one, but he doesn’t even make his kids wear them. And he drives on the highway every day. We don’t get along that well, and he definitely wouldn’t listen to me if I told him to wear it. But my wife and I strap in everywhere we go.


Good guy with a (for now) legal gun. No word on yet whether the perp’s gun was legal…

Also, the shooting that keeps on giving…

Botched, or sabotaged?

Oh, and…

Guns for me, but not for thee: