Yet another mass shooting in US


Just read this in the news.

“DeVos Said to Weigh Letting Schools Use Federal Funds to Buy Guns”



Lunatics running the asylum .
Everyone knows schools should be able to buy their own rocket propelled grenades and tanks !
What the hell use are a few guns!



Lol, this joker Lott is one to talk.


Yep, another one. Now in California, at least 11 killed in a bar packed with college students.


Was just reading about this. Super sad.


It’s unbelievable. The last one was literally just a week ago.


It’s totally believable. No one cares enough to do anything about it


The police officer who went in was due to retire next year.


People whine about their 2nd amendment rights. What about people’s rights to go outside and do normal, every day activities without fear of getting shot?

The fact the right is so scared of phantom caravans south of the border when we have actual mass shootings every week in which a lot of innocent people are killed says a lot.


Shh, don’t channel the ghost of WHH… :ghost: :speak_no_evil:


As to the former: Meh. The Right that watches FoxNewz might give a shit. Most Conservatives uh…don’t. Trump signed a Bill today halting the Asylum Route should one enter the country illegal like fyi.

As for the latter: I seem to recall Oblahblah doing jack squat about gun control. But then again, in His defense, America is going through it’s Teen Angst period. How long it’ll last before the adults come in is hard to say.


As they say that’s “fake news.”
Obama desprtately wanted to pass some type of gun control legislation in Congress, especially after the Newtown massacre. The Republican controlled House and Senate blocked anything he suggested, no matter how modest… background check database, high capacity magazine bans, trying to stop the gun show loophole… really modest stuff… nothing that infringes upon the 2nd amendment in any way… but the GOP in Congress didn’t give a shit about 20+ dead first graders, and so here we are today many massacres later.


The guy had smoke grenades. Even as ex military, how can anyone justify selling those to civilians? It is just asking for trouble.


Lots of people use them for paintball, photography, cinematography and other stuff. It’s also not hard to make one. I don’t think the guy had tactical military ones.



That one won’t share the blame across the aisle is telling. My memory goes a bit further back than Newtown. Dems pander to the gunners as well. Obama could ram through the ACA without a single GOP vote, but not gun control? Just as telling. Be fair, homey.

And before yew jump down on my Conservative nuts, I support the SAFE Act in NY and I personally wish for legislation would ban all handguns and “assault” style rifles. Weapons are not a hobby.



You made a claim (“Obama didn’t try to pass gun control measures”) that was patently false. Here’s some light reading for you. Enjoy.

Here is a list of executive actions taken by him, and proposed gun control legislation most of which was blocked by the GOP Congress.

Here is Obama talking about the greatest regret of his presidency.

What he did get through by exec order (keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill) was undone by Trump, so you can thank him too.

And did you really put in a pic of Biden examining a bow and arrow as an example of both sides being complicit?


Maybe that was the problem. EA are easily erased…as we have seen.

You should. Hunters want tougher gun laws. Seems to me the non-hunters are the ones shooting people up. So much for reaching across the aisle. :roll:


No, that was just hilarious.