Yet another mass shooting in US


Okay, fair enough.

I also took out the thing about hunting.

But the fact is, he could do little under a GOP Congress that had no interest in acting. I agree he should’ve done more in 2009 before the Dems were swept out, but since these massacres have increased in frequency the last decade or so it seems most Dems want some kind of regulations and most GOP are in NRA pockets.


Well, the writing has been on the wall for a while. I don’t blame Oblahda too much for not doing anything. No one has been able to adequately frame the discussion in a way that would lend itself to a legislative solution to actually combat gun violence, and given the layered trauma we share, it’s sadly not surprising. It’s a failure of political leadership and a tragedy of mass trauma induced complacency.


I guess in the end we agree more than we disagree.


So we win the internet?


Why everything is Republican vs Dems, Trump vs Obama? Bizarre.
What are people going to do, now.


Hating friends, neighbors, family!


That is America in a nutshell since 9/11.

An unspeakable tragedy happens…blame immigrants, Muslims, Latinos, each other…nothing gets done.

I can just imagine as these things unfold, someone on the right sitting with their fingers crossed hoping the perpetrator is a Muslim, or an immigrant. And, someone on the left with their fingers crossed hoping it is someone from the alt-right or 45 supporter. That way either side has a boogey man they can lay before the opposition. Then it will get ran through the multimedia mill and in the end, nothing will happen. There will be pushes for tighter/looser gun laws, tighter immigration, etc.

The right has spent the past 10 years thinking of clever ways to write Obama’s name in a negative way, and the left just chases its tail. Then someone will come in and say the whole thing is a fabrication by the liberal media to force you to have an abortion and take away all your rights. That will catch traction and wash, rinse, repeat.

With the dems back in the House, and the GOP firmly controlling the senate, it will get much worse before it gets better.

U-S-A! U-S-A!


Ain’t hard to make a bomb either. Yet you buy the ingredients and activate a federal warning system. One wonders why.


There’s not many uses for bombs beside of blowing things and people up that I’m aware of.


You do not need any special ingredients to make a decent device that will have respectable affects.
Even with a simply pedestrian knowledge of chemistry will allow one to go into a hardware store, auto parts store, art shop, or home improvement center and, over time, develop a sizable stockpile. Hell, just hop down to the grocery store can allow you to wreak some havoc.


You can also just use a pressure cooker. Not a huge blast radius but can do some damage in a closed environment.

Also just a bunch of fertilizer can do some real damage like Oklahoma City.


This thread’s beginning to get a bit…


You do not talk about it.


Which is why now an alert activates. Unless you are a farmer, you will find some people knocking at your door with many questions. That is my point. Unless you have a stated purpose, at least it should be hard to acquire means like this.


I think the materials are easy to obtain. It’s probably really difficult to track. Not that it shouldn’t be regulated, just that enforcement probably takes a lot of resources.


Guns do not make people safe, or make society safer. Armed guards can make a place seem safer, but not really. Banks get knocked off all the time. In fact, one glaring outlyer happened in North Hollywood 20 years ago.
But, here we are. We will be here again shortly rehashing the same tired arguments. Any attempts at gun control is effectively DOA for at least the next two years. Any legislation after that, will die in the SC for at least a generation.
So, before you leave each day, kiss your family and tell them you love them. You never know when or where those bullets will start flying again. USA, BABY!


And yet there are countries that have gun’s, rifles (mostly target shooting clubs) but are stricter controlled and have really strict ownership and storage rules. limited options when it comes to the hardware.


Some states in the US have really strict gun laws. California is probably the most strict. There’s even a law to take away someone’s guns if they have some mental illness like the ex soldier. Other than a outright ban and seizure of all civilian arms, not sure what is possible.

I’m not really buying stricter gun control, less shootings. I can see how an outright ban does, but that’s doubtful as I think the US has like a average of 2 guns per person or something like that.

I saw that the residents of that town actually are buying guns for protection after this as well.


Yeah, more guns! Good for the gun lobby!


Outside of no civilians can own guns, what else is there? Stricter laws hasn’t really done much. I don’t have the numbers but it seems like states with strict gun laws don’t curb gun violence, if anything places like Chicago and NY is plagued by them even with some of the strictest laws in the country.

I would consider an outright ban to be more worth supporting than stricter laws.