Yet another mass shooting in US


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So, if not gun control, what makes the US inherently more prone to gun violence compared to the rest of the developed world?


What do you mean?

Waco- Pre 2000
9-11… Saudi Terrorists

Black President…Won Twice in huge majority wins through support from all races including many whites in Southern States who turned on Bush and the corrupted GOP

Economic kaput- I don’t see a strong connection there to mass shooting


Waco got all the loonies in panic…and got followers. I mean, now they had the excuse that the Feds would attack, so stockpile.

Now that you mention 2000, all the stockpiles from End Of Days prepers.

911 instilled fear into the population. Overall fear. Then Boston.

Extreme groups went into panic mode by the symbolic election of a minority president. Remember Kennedy.

Successive stock and loan tragedies wiping out financial security.

Last visit to the US I was terrified, as everyone around me seemed on the edge, ready to fight at the slightest “provocation”. That is problematic when a lot of people have guns, not just fists. They used fear of terrorism as an excuse, I’d say fear of anyone.

US has cyclical terms of isolation. Problem is it only goes out of its shell for war.


You cud take the guns 'n shoot all the muslims, then shoot all da gunowners. That’d sort it out.


Its sad, FBI statistics show that both gun violence and felony crimes such as Murder, Rape are at lows. The highest being throughout the 1990s that was the most violent period in the US by far even with all the sad mass shootings today.

I think the media is a lot to blame, they sell Division, Fear, Hate and mistruth to both sides.

Strange the KKK is at its lowest membership rates also in history…roughly 6000-8000 nationwide from its height of about 12million in 1930s. Each year prior to 2017 has seen more KKK rallies, and higher membership yet only in 2017 do you see the media bombarding the TV with nonstop KKK rubbish.

As far as being accepting of Immigrants and minorities I would argue its the most accepting of all time and that a good judgement for how accepting a country is, is the number of Minorities they allow into positions of Great Power and Influence in the Government and Biggest businesses. A black president voted overwhelmingly twice, an Indian Governor in the South, many Chinese/Taiwanese or Asian Mayors all throughout the US. A Taiwanese Cabinet member. The heads and CEO’s of Americas top corporations are Indian… PepsiCo, Microsoft, Google, MasterCard, Adobe. About 25% of Congress are Minorities or Immigrants. Can this be said about any other country? Yet the media would have you think Americans are racist… Well Racist compared to who is a better question.


Also forgot Oklahoma City Bombing, which inspired many of them to action. But besides that, pretty on point.


The NRA will probably use this to say more guns on the street will make the country safer, oh wait, 25 people were killed before the shooter got killed.


North Koreans are fine people!


not all whackos or terrorists are muslim it seems.


First-person shooter video games!


I don’t see it for an argument either way, nor do I see your point. The man illegally obtained the weapon, he was convicted of domestic violence and not allowed to own a firearm. In terms of gun control laws, how do laws stop people that already break them?

He was also a registered democrat that claimed the attack in attempt to start a “civil war.” Shouting communist propaganda before engaging church goers. There’s more people out there just like him, too, that are praising him for these actions.

So what’s with people bashing the NRA and right wing affiliates in this topic? They’re the victims in this circumstance. That’s like saying, “Hey, I’m glad your family died. It’s your fault, and we’re creating legislation against you now.” That’s absolute bullshit. All those people did was try enjoying church with their family.


They will use this. Don’t miss quote!


Because their incredibly stupid, heartless, and selfish advocacy for high powered weapons such as the AR-15 used in this attack make it incredibly easy for any deranged person to acquire one and gun down a bunch of people who could as well be your neighbors, relatives, or anyone as members of some particular social circle likely to belong to a particular political grouping.

There is that.

Oddly enough, the rest of your post looks false as well


“As well?” What’s with the personal jab? I’m just paraphrasing news articles that had proper citations. If they’re false, so be it. It showed the shooter’s Facebook profile, text messages from key witnesses, and local news sources. Generally I try my best to check multiple sources for validity.

That said, you really seem hell bent in mass punishment. Kids in my hometown used to bring pocket knives, multi tools, farming tools, etc. to school with them. That was fine for many decades until eventually one person committed a crime with these tools, and now nobody can have them on school ground. Same thing with bandanas, somehow they became affiliated with gang colors now no school kids can wear a damn bandana. Want to talk about heartless and selfish? Mass punishment affects only those that follow the law, everyone that was killed from this attack was an innocent individual attending church. The beliefs you’re preaching are “heartless and selfish.”


When people say someone illegally obtained a firearm here’s the truth. A felon can simply purchase one at a gun show and walk out with it because they don’t require a background check. Yes it’s illegal, but it’s not like someone needs to go to great lengths like find a dealer in a back ally to make a deal. It’s incredibly easy. Literally like going to the grocery and buying a loaf of bread.

In fact, there’s a whole market for private gun sales for this purpose. It’s a easy loophole to get around. Although illegal for the buyer, the seller can deny liability because they are not required by law to do background checks for private transactions.


How many political self-immolations were there before that monk in the 60s? Plant the idea and someone will do it - numbers game. Add access to the tools required and it’s inevitable with a large enough population.


“As well”? Why’s that personal? I was commenting about your post.

Nevertheless, it appears to be false.

You have unusual definitions of heartless and selfish IMO. You’d have to explain it to me–from here it just looks like a poorly conceived and reflexive counter argument. I’m not talking about punishing anyone. Lol. I’m talking about ensuring a safe environment for everyone in society. For my part, advocacy for the legality of automatic weapons is heartless because it enables more damaging mass shootings which cause incredible pain and suffering and even death to many people. It’s selfish because it’s based on a personal desire to own such weapons regardless of the consequences for society at large.


I would take it back to Ruby Ridge.


I believe this could be traced back to the late 80’s, early 90’s rise of AM conservative radio.

The NRA, up to this period actually stood for sensible gun ownership, and the mass ownership of military grade weaponry was not even discussed, except by fringe groups. Then, these groups became mainstream.

Beginning, I think, in about 92 the right got serious. The constitution started getting preached as a insoluable, absolute, and infallible document. (it most certainly is not) And with Ruby Ridge fresh in the minds of Americans, fear of the federal government became issue number one. The same year as RR, the LA riots occurred. This gave the right more fuel for their fire.
The Brady Bill came along, passed, and the opportunity was seized on. Fearing the impact, the NRA joined the fray and here we are today.

We now have a generation of people who believe that the US constitution gives them all the rights, all the time. And, they are armed to the teeth to back it up. The right is in a position to replace the document with something more fitting, and they have the militias and groups to back them up. And, they are in power now.

So, here we are. Shooting after shooting. No change. And there will never be change.