Yet another mass shooting in US


Not very fine? :frowning:


Because in between the stabbing sprees, Taiwanese are very pleasant people.


Stick to your Darwin vs. Godwin stuff, mate.

Darwin hates weak targets.

Now, In Nazi Germany they didn’t have mass shootings. They used Zyklon B instead. On account of they needed the bullets for other purposes.

Darwin may not love you, but Godwin certainly does. Love trumps hate. :heart:


Jesus, you’re really covering all the bases here aren’t you?


That’s not correct, they simply follow a different interpretation of the quran. There are several different versions of the quran (well, technically just one, but the ways it’s been translated vary quite a bit and there are close to 30 different translations), and this applies in a similar way to the hadith. The latter is the more “problematic” one, so depending on how heavily someone decides to delve into the hadith and apply its teachings to real life, the results vary between the “moderate Syrian rebels” (who were decapitating kids of families loyal to Assad), Al Quaeda and ultimately Isis.

Isis’ plan isn’t a braindead massacre. They are taking the most violent bits and pieces of quran and hadith and applying them in order to create what they consider the ultimate islamic country. They didn’t wander around just killing infidels (and in their concept of islam, most muslims are infidels as well), they conquered land and cities because their ultimate goal was to have a proper state, just like their name implies.

The fact that they look batshit crazy and irrational to our eyes, doesn’t mean there’s no rationality in their actions.


According to there is now one shooting with more than four victims (considered a mass shooting) per day

First 9 months of 2017:
-11,572 gun deaths
-23,365 gun injuries
-271 mass shootings
-1,508 unintentional shootings
-2,971 kids/teens shot



Is that for the US only? Or worldwide?


While I’m simplifying this, the only reason Taiwan exists as a quasi independent country is because of guns, specially US guns (by which I mean the US military).

Without guns, China would roll right into Taiwan like they did in Tibet. Whether the Tibetans having guns would have prevented Chinese lust for conquest from taking over their country is another discussion, but I wonder if the Tibetans had all been armed would have prevented Chinese conquest.


ISIS has stated their goal is to restore the Islamic caliphate. Anyone who disagrees with them or their version of Islam is to be killed. They are not doing random violence, they do have an agenda.


Mr. President, Red China and Blue China are planning to invade each other! We need to blockade the Taiwan Strait!

Sure, dump a bunch of guns in the water. That’ll keep’em quiet.

Seriously, disarming the military does not really come up in gun control debates. Or did I miss something?


Guy was a first class A-hole for a long time . If one could go back in time, he would be a perfect fetus to abort.


Along with a gun discussion we need to look at the connection to these mood altering Pharmaceuticals that mess with the brain chemistry and the high incidents of shooters on them.

  1. Las Vegas Steven Paddock- Diazepam

  2. Virginia Tech Seung-Hui Cho Prozac

  3. Sandy Hook Adam Lanza- Celexa and Lexapro

  4. Columbine Ed Harris/Dylan Klebold- Luvox and Zoloft

  5. Batman Shooter James Holmes - Vicotin


It’s the same principle, but on a different scale.
You disarm nations, you leave them open to invasion.

You disarm citizens, only the government has guns, so you are at its mercy. Some places this works for the general population, some it doesn’t.

You should realize that the US was founded on a distrust of government. The British tried disarming American colonists leading up to the American revolution., hence the second amendment.


nice cut and paste


Whats your point?


noun: terrorist; plural noun: terrorists
a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.
“four commercial aircraft were hijacked by terrorists"
synonyms: bomber, arsonist, incendiary;”

gerund or present participle: terrorizing
create and maintain a state of extreme fear and distress in (someone); fill with terror.
"he used his private army to terrorize the population"
synonyms: strike terror in/into, fill with terror, scare, frighten, terrify, petrify; "


We’re talking past each other, but if you insist…

Taxation by the state and by individuals is the same principle but on a different scale. :whistle:


Isis are not terrorists, it’s not political, it’s religious!



Its against forum rules to cut and paste blocks of text of that size. Give us the link. Makes for an interesting read.