Yet another mass shooting in US


Gotcha didn’t know that rule


I’ve been here 7 years and not once have I heard the Taiwanese, or even ABTs whine about not being able to privately own a gun legally.


I actually hear this pretty regularly. Maybe I’m hanging out with the wrong crowd…


Maybe THEY are hanging out with the wrong cow.


Yeah, tell me about it. I don’t think I’ve ever even touched a real gun in my life. In Berkeley, only criminals have guns.


I heard several of them complain too… well 3 different locals …


The gun lovers I know here are mostly ex-military (career, not draftees) and have family in the U.S., so they can compare availability.


Well also air soft is extremely popular in Taiwan, a lot of the players wish they could own actual firearms. I don’t think it would benefit Taiwan to have guns,…well its arguable maybe China would think twice… but the US is different in so many ways.


Yeah like that there’s a million guns floating around for people to blow the crap out of each other and innocent victims with.


Guns have been in America for a long time. Even if a law was passed, it would be impossible to take them all. I won’t be giving up mine anytime soon although I’m for stricter controls and better background checks. @bluejasn brings up an interesting point about the drug crisis. Perhaps this is where the legislation needs to go for people… I’ve been asking myself why we are so violent. We have been killing each other since the beginning of time if you believe the story of Cain and Abel. We have a dangerous mix of exposure to more and more graphic entertainment, social media, drugs and less exposure of people giving a sh*& about others. It’s a lot easier to make a post and pat yourself and your country on the back as being right about everything.

My dad says that an average of 1372 babies are aborted daily and it upsets him that no one seems to care about this. I’d try to convince someone not to have an abortion by offering some help, but I wouldn’t want the government involved because I don’t think they can solve our problems.


USA only

Gun Violence Archive (GVA) is a not for profit corporation formed in 2013 to provide free online public access to accurate information about gun-related violence in the United States.


No one is after your guns. Most people keep them as good luck tokens, for a rainy day. Like an elliptic machine or a treadmill, that become very expensive clothes hangers. Most people just think a gun will provide safety but do not go to a range to practice or really know how to handle them safely, hence, the many accidents, and so many guns in the hands of the wrong people.

Now, if like a car, you required minimum knowledge of handling and safety, it would be a step in the right direction. Not everyone can drive a six wheeler. They can’t handle it. In the same manner, not everybody should be able to purchase a semiautomatic with 500 rounds.

Having a big gun is seen like having a Ferrari. From what we have seen in Taiwan and abroad, not everyone should be allowed at the wheel of a Ferrari. Most end up nicely stamped against a pole. Luckily, they are so expensive that people who have them have either 20 and treat them like fancy purses, for show… or stamp them and drive no more.

Auntie Peng’s opinion.


That is true. Always has been. That is the lynch-pin, so to speak. The pro-gun lobby shamelessly fronts this. Also, they argue that tired old argument of people can always get guns and crime will still occur and whatever else. The point is, yes they will and yes it will. But, curbing violence is the key here. In many places that have enacted stricter gun laws, that has happened and stats back it up. However, it is all for naught.

Similar lines, different target. Back in the 2000 campaign I was forced to watch Fox News for about an hour. Chinese water torture if there ever was. They were all agog about the democrats wanting to ban religion (and guns, and make women forced abortions), they even ran an ad that showed people carrying bibles, sneaking from a basement with a voice over about liberals taking away religion. It was a hoot. But, it worked. It grew legs and people today still believe that liberals will take away their religion, guns, and force feed homosexuality on everyone. Oh, and ban marriage.


It this case, it seems like he was both. He had a definite anti-Christian agenda.


Nice spin. I have seen people pushing the atheist angle. So, now all atheists are terrorists.


Did the guy say/write anything about the reasons? I’ve only read his FB profile was deleted almost immediately, but I didn’t spend much time looking for details about mass shooting #36936862


That honestly makes no sense. Taxation by definition is money collected by the government. So how can individuals tax each other, unless you mean robbery or jacking up the price on something?


Well, it didn’t have to be an atheist angle. Lots of people hate Christians…even some Muslims. :sunglasses:


oh come on, Christians are the most efficient Christian killers out there.


Are you talking historically…or now?