Yet another terror attack in Paris


A gunman shot at police with an assault rifle on the Champs-Élysées, killing one and injuring others before being shot dead. He’d been serving a 20 year sentence for shooting at cops before, but was released early (yay, early parole).

This comes three days before the French presidential election, and ISIS has claimed responsibility. I wonder who they want to win the election? Wait…I thought only Russia was in the business of influencing elections…


The terrorists really don’t like the City of Love.


Don’t worry, Salon and similar “media” (lol) outlets got you covered. Any countries where elections lead to a non-left leader being elected clearly suffer from Russian interference and are filled with a racist homophobic xenophobic agoraphobic population.


Did you just actually post a link from Salon?! Watch out…your computer might start melting like the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz. Salon doesn’t even count as fake news. It’s more like those Communist newspapers that fat, pimply “revolutionaries” used to hand out on street corners.


On the plus side, I bet tickets to Paris are cheap now


Salon is probably the worst of the regressive outlets, or at least in the top 5. The stuff they write is hysterical. It always amazes me that some people may consider it news or journalism.


What’s so sad is that it used to be a decent mag. I often didn’t agree with the viewpoints presented, but there were a lot of intelligent and thoughtful pieces. Camille Paglia used to contribute regularly, and still does sometimes. And then…it got hijacked by fever-eyed wackos. I doubt even the wackos consider it journalism.


I try not to buy into conspiracies. But relatively futile attack just happens right before the elections? Is The big bad ISIS only able to pull this off? How did this benefit ISIS? But it seems to sway the elections more than anything, and in a bad way for ISIS too.


The ISIS logic is probably as follows: a terrorist attack will get a right-wing candidate elected, and a right-wing president is more likely to wage war against ISIS, and hopefully Islam in general. These Islamo-fascist groups want to relive the glory days of Saladin and start a war between Islam and the West, because in their deranged minds they think they would win it.


Probably getting all excited about the upcoming Ramadan, expect to see a rise in terrorist attacks over the next month, this one sounds like he just couldn’t wait.


It will have zero effects on French election, firstly it’s a ridiculously weak operation, french are used to these kinf of news, and anyway everybody knows already the winner of the election.

If they are motivated to do these operations just before election, it because it makes it more visible and so better for their brands mark.


Claiming that they did it =/= they actually did it.


Yes somebody got shot. Blar blar …100s or even 1000s of people get murdered all over the world every day.
Most of them are probably just petty murders and gangsterim.

America alone has average 44 murders a day.
South Africa has 51 people wiped out everyday.

Then you get the real terrorists or war stuff where people get blown up or massacred in groups, barely a word in the media cos it’s in some unprounceable place. I grew up in a country that had terrorist killings on the news everyday just an hour or two up the road.So the fuck what get on with your lives.

Don’t fall for the sensationalism that somebody was shot in Paris.

Here have a look at this one?

Did you hear about it? I didn’t.
Gory enough for you?
This stuff happens pretty much everyday somewhere in the world.


There is a difference. Terrorists try to publicize their murders in prominent places where violence doesn’t usually occur, where people are used to thinking it is safe, because the strategy is to terrorize people.

In American cities, much violence happens in the inner city, is usually a fallout from Democrat management of most big cities. But people know those areas and the danger they pose and thus avoid them.

I can only imagine the goal to affect the election is the same they might effectively use in Arabic countries where tyranny is the rule – scare voters into not showing up or from voting the wrong way. Naturally, it doesn’t work that way in democracies, but rather backfires.

China learned that when they sent missiles over Taiwan’s way before the re-election of Lee Teng-Hui in 1996. It worked only to anger citizens, not scare them, and pushed Lee’s popularity by 5% in polls so that he got a majority instead of a plurality.


How ENLIGHTENED of you. I imagine that you are someone who KNOWS and thus UNDERSTANDS and therefore SEES the reality of all of this nonsense. Of course, one does have to wonder about the lack of outrage, sorry OUTRAGE!!! among those who KNOW regarding groups who FUND, PREACH , TRAIN, MENTOR, ORGANIZE and EXECUTE attacks on those from other religious groups and to INTENTIONALLY discriminate and commit violence against various groups (women, gays, minorities, children) that would have the SAME groups UP IN ARMS (haha) in the US and other Western countries. WHEREIN lies the difference in the approach? Aren’t you FEELING “guiltful” for your, er, FEELINGS?


Get those CAPITAL LETTERS out of your system.
Your shrink said it would do you good. :slight_smile:


I feel safer in Paris than pulling off the highway at night time to get gas in the USA.

It could affect the elections and that four of the five candidates have some time corruption connection.

4 of 5 also want to leave NATO and possibly the EU. ISIS would like to see any of those organizations broken up and broken down.


If it happens every day, it’s not news.


Again, not news. Shit like that happens every day in those places because they’re shit places.

Ireland managed to move beyond that and is now a safe and prosperous country. Not an easy feat. You should be proud. Unfortunately, France seems to be moving in the other direction.


[quote=“tango42, post:17, topic:159652, full:true”]
I feel safer in Paris than pulling off the highway at night time to get gas in the USA.[/quote]
I’ve not been there, but I have a Taiwanese friend who visited there one or two years ago, only 2 weeks, his first time, and someone approached him asking for money, and he refused, and later that someone brought along 4 or 5 of his African/Muslim friends, stole his wallet and ID, everything in it.

This is only anecdotal, and who knows but that he handled himself in a way that angered others, but I know few people who’ve gone there recently, so this incidence certainly stands out in my mind.

This article says tourism has dropped because of fear of terrorist attacks alone, but I think there must be more behind this and that my friend’s experience isn’t just unique.


The pickpocket problems in Paris are bad, but it’s no worse than other European hot spots. Brussels, Rome, Barcelona etc. are just as bad, if not worse.

And according to official stats, while the overall numbers of tourists did decrease by 10% in 2016 in comparison with 2015, the number bounced back by 20% in December. The only major foreign tourist market that suffered a huge blow is Japan (-~40%), and that probably has more to do with the devaluation of yen.