Yet more questions about visas

I have two questions about visas* but they are nice and quick:

1 - Must you show proof of a return ticket with your visa application? I was under the impression I just needed to show an itinerary but my travel agent says it must be a confirmed schedule. Is this travel agent b.s.?

2 - Does the return date on my ticket need to be within 60 days of my arrival (since a visitor visa is usually valid for only up to 60 days)?

  • Visitor, single entry. I am a Canadian citizen.

The airline transporting you to Taiwan will probably want to see a return or onward ticket - i.e. a ticket out of Taiwan. It would seem sensible to book a flight or sailing within the time limit of your visa. You can always change the booking date if your circumstances change.

It seems that Taiwan immigration rarely demands to see the ticket, but the airline will want you to have one just in case, since they will bear the expense of flying you out if you are refused entry to Taiwan.