Yey! We're back!

Thank feck! That was killing me, hehe.

Cheers, guys!

Who’s we? I’m alone here …

I guess sitting on the URL and refreshing every 5 seconds HAS paid off Stu. :slight_smile:

Whew, I started my own thread.

Greetings, fellow slackers!

dont scare me like that…monday mornings are hard enough as it is

it s not morning any more…

[quote=“Buttercup”]Whew, I started my own thread.

Greetings, fellow slackers![/quote]

Let me be the very first to tell you “you’re slooooow”. :stuck_out_tongue:

And Truant, it’s every TWO minutes, 'k? Fark, man, it’s not like I’ve got anything ELSE to do.

Thank gawwwwd. I was getting tired of working.

Oh, so Goose Egg is saying over here: ( … 232#713232 ) that the work that was planned to be done didn’t get done. So the site will be down again?

long tea breaks?

i notice that the delay screen after posting is still long. perhaps ten seconds or less would be OK. any ideas?

nice new tab marks on top left of page, with coloured indication of which tab you are in.

It’s back up to full speed again. Hip, hip, hurray!