Yikes I would have flipped!


Nice recovery…I’m much less forgiving…


Maybe he just wanted a hug?

I think he probably just wanted to kill them to shut up that awful, derivative, uninspired, shoe-gazing drivel she was spouting. And who could blame him? Let’s face it, a few tats and a nice guitar from mommy and daddy doesn’t really make up for utter crap. I bet those people had to pay over US$3 to see that show, which was probably US$2.50 too much.

errr…they’ve been touring and making music since they were 16…thats 10 years. Different people like different things…I have found this with musicians though…instead of kindof understanding this they completely rip off ppl they don’t like or think aren’t good.

Come on, lass! I like probably hundreds and hundreds of performers in pretty much every genre of music (apart from gangsta rap). Those girls are really just awful, though. I can’t see anything in them at all. Ten years is about right, though – it might have been somewhat interesting 10 years ago – if it hadn’t already been done to death 15 years ago by people who knew what they were doing, that is… :wink: