Yilan tragedy - Nanfang Ao bridge collapsed

Yeah, I suspect if the typhoon DID hit and this happened, then the construction company or whoever would go “oh, typhoon, not our fault uh…”

But the fact it didn’t really impact deprives them of that shoddy excuse for their shoddy construction.

Uploaded a short clip on Imgur, I hope it works here.


Glad you did. I was trying to find a way to upload the same video when I received via Line.

I hope everyone survived . Bloody miracle if they did

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Not that truck driver surely. I would have to suspect maintenance as well. Maybe winds weakened the cable, and vibrations from the truck snapped it? Hard to imagine that one cable going would drop the bridge, but it sure looks like that’s what happened.

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I would agree with that assessment … looks like a cable snapped . Wonder how many other bridges they have constructed :cold_sweat:

This is a video someone posted from the 13th. looks pretty normal to me.


當時哪會想到這就是最後一次了 pic.twitter.com/Eu8WZeE7kj

— 神楽坂雯麗🏳️‍🌈 (@wenli) October 1, 2019


Focus Taiwan reports on it here:


They’re pointing to shoddy construction…

How much can that bridge take? Overloaded truck?

It’s a pretty big bridge.



Just one truck was on the bridge, it’s highly unlikely that was the cause of structural failure, otherwise the bridge was seriously under designed. The truck was also a tank truck for gasoline, so not a lot they can do to add more weight to it.

Driver is in bad shape, hope he survives.

More pics of the boats pinned under the bridge.

That second UDN article is also ridiculous. Sure if the piers are under water it would be difficult to visually inspect them, but that’s why we’ve got sensors for that.

This analysis seems to be the best fit for what the video captured:

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Usually happens when they interview these “experts”.

[quote=“Taiwan_Luthiers, post:29, topic:184118”]
[/quote]. I thought you wrote “ ponting” , which would have been an excellent use of words for the old Latin users on here :thinking:


also from UDN but this time not ridiculous

So basically the other cables should theoretically handle the load, but they may be individually subject to excessive loads after the initial failure and fail themselves in sequence. But if you look at about :14, it really looks like the sequence was single cable fails - roadway begins to give way - other cables fail.

The arch handled it really well didnt even topple. Too bad the same effort didnt go into the cabmes connection and road connections:(

By now do they know everyone survived? Freaking experience.

Probably a few bridge makers changing their names about now.

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