Yilan, wtf

It wasn’t me!

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Perhaps the “ barmy” weather set him off :thinking:

Can you imagine if it was a foreigner?


headlines for months!!


You should consider sacrificing your clothes for the greater good. :wink:

Please note the police will only stop a perpetrator of someone is hurt. A guy harassed his ex girlfriend several times parading with a knife and hurling insults in front of her house, neighbor got it call on film, yet police can’t arrest him because no one has been hurt…yet.

I’m just shocked that Internet cafes still exist.

How about… an Armenian? :cactus:

That’s exactly what the perpetrator would say! :astonished:

Is Mr. Wtf guilty? @discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: It is decidedly so

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Confess, Ibby! :rage:

Taoyuan too!

“Next, he stripped off his underwear and continued to swing his weapon at passing drivers, who did their best to try and dodge him.”

Ah classic K-man. He is but toying with us.

Definetively someone is distributing a faulty batch of whatever stone is popular these days.

Is “extendable baton” a new euphemism I haven’t heard about before?

They tested him for alcohol and apparently he was clean. So I’d say the options are:

a) Some new weird kind of drug (or an old one that has been cut using some really odd stuff)
b) A new virus that is being spread by mosquitoes and throws people into a violent naked frenzy

Maybe bath salts have made it to Taiwan. People go full zombie on that stuff.

I had to google “bath salts drugs” because I thought that people were snorting real bath salts and getting high on it…
I need to be more up to date with this stuff.

This is what bath salts do:

What the actual fuck…