Yilan/Yilan city

Hi there, everyone, I’m totally a newbie currently living in Halifax, Canada but thinking long and hard about coming to teach english in Taiwan. I was wondering if there’s anyone out there who can tell me about Yilan city, what the job market’s like, is there much of an expat community, places to take Mandarin lessons, beaches, hiking, that sort of thing… I’d rather not live in a huge or industrial city, but it seems like Yilan would be a good place since you can get to the big city for the weekend, but at the the same time be surrounded by what is apparently awesome scenery…? I’d really appreciate any thought people have about this… I promise I’ll bring you a good bottle of wine or something else you’re missing from the good ol’ western world if I end up going there. Merci beaucoup…

My in-laws live there. My husband and I are planning to go there to live in a year or two. Although I lived in Taipei for 6 years, I only went to Yilan once. It was a long time ago but as I recall, it is a small city surrounded by rural, (at that time -rice fields) area. I would be very surprised if there is any group of English speakers. If so, I would love to learn of it. It is a very beautiful, sceanic area but it rain alot.:roll

More information is welcomed. :slight_smile: :

There are a few foreigners living in I-lan city. There are at least a couple who have been living in the area for ten years plus. I lived in the area for a year. It was nice scenery to wake up to and the air is nice. It rains an awful lot there.

There’s a university where you can take Chinese lessons in the area.