Hi everyone,

I am currently in Taipei and although I love Taiwan I am not sure that I want to stay in the middle of such a concrete jungle. Got a lot of that back in the states and maybe want something different. My school currently has a branch in Yilan and I’m wondering what its like out there?

Im looking for something a bit more relaxed, by a beach, but still with things to do . (worried Yilan might not have much in terms of nightlife ). Also I do not drive so wondering if anyone here can share some insight on how reliable the bus system in Yilan is. Also how easy it is to get to taipei (and if possible, late at night).

Thank you !!

wouldn’t you need a scooter to live anywhere outside of taipei? sounds like you haven’t been to yilan? why don’t you just take a bus and see what its like yourself, very easy to get there. only takes an hour from taipei main station.

We’re approaching winter. This is Yilan in winter:

Don’t expect to go to the seaside very often after October. A car, scooter or bicycle is a must here, there are only 3 larger towns (Luodong, Yilan, Jiaoxi) and rice fields between them. It’s not a large region, I usually go everywhere by bicycle.

Public transportation within the region is not great, but going to Taipei by bus is a breeze. Nangang and the technology building are the closest bus stops and there are buses every 5/10 minutes.

Aside from a few night markets (Luodong every day, Qinguo on Wednesdays and the new one in Yilan which is getting popular) nightlife is basically non existent, just a few karaoke places here and there.

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What concrete jungle? I’m sitting here surrounded by green trees, eagles and butterflies (and ants and millipedes) and I’m just 10 mins from 101. Wuxing Street, Lane 600. (But also raining for 3 months in winter)

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What happens if you love the rain?

Then the world is your oyster.

Then buckle up, we all float down here.

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Thank you for the replies!
Curious on a couple points .

  1. Is it possible to meet English speakers in Yilan and if so how does one do it? (don’t want to be totally isolated)
  2. Is it easy to bike from say luodong to Yilan city?

I don’t mind the rain so much as long as I’m able to still meet and hang out with people

Oh and I’ll definitely be taking a day trip there this Sunday. Just trying to get a feel for what life is like there/if there is any possibility of a social life.

English speaking foreigners: I see some here and there, mostly around the Yilan University, Carrefour and Luo Dong’s night market and sport park. In summer you can meet plenty in Toucheng/Daxi, swimming, surfing or doing nothing and just trying to pick up grrls. No idea about “official meeting spots”, I live in the middle of nowhere.

English speaking locals: fewer than in Taipei, my Chinese has improved a lot in Yilan.

Most of the region is completely flat. From Luodong to Yilan it should be around 10kms, so that’s a 20/30 minutes ride depending on how fast you want to go. Traffic is not bad apart from a couple of crowded areas.

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If you don’t mind, I would love to hang out with you. I just moved to yilan in August and since I’m not a local, I feel alienated from time to time. I teach English in school. If you are interested, give a holar