Yo! Not a newbie and already here. Please be my friend!

:bouncy: :bouncy: Yeah! It’s summer and the boards are awash with people who are all excited!

Me too! I just wanted to say a big warm hello to all you forumosan people and tell you how much I’m looking forward to joining in your chat and enjoying all the exciting new experiences that Taiwan has to offer.

I hope this hasn’t been asked before, but I have a couple of questions I’d like to ask:

  1. Is it easy to get laid in Taiwan?
  2. How much money should I bring?
  3. Are Taiwanese girls like normal girls back home?
  4. Is it easy to get a job?
  5. What do you think of the conditions and pay I’ve been offered?
  6. Where can I meet girls?
  7. Is Taiwan like China?
  8. Am I worrying too much?
  9. Is Taiwan like Vancouver?
  10. Can I get weed, girls, and a good job in Taiwan?
  11. Do Taiwanese girls like foreign guys?
  12. How close is Kending to Bangkok?
  13. Is this in the right forum?
  14. Do Taiwanese condoms fit properly or should I get a catering pack from Costco before I come?


You have normal girls back home? Must be a boring country … yack …

Yes, Taiwan is like China … but much much smaller … and … uhm … well you get it right?

Weed and girls no problem … just ask for the Canadians … but a good job? Never in a million years …

Oh, I forgot to ask… what should I say to girls in Taiwan if I want to pick them up?

Why not just start threads like this in temp where they’re likely to go very soon, anyway?

Sorry, I’m not new here!! Will I get :banned: ?


Because we still live in Taiwan … right?

Obviously not, but it seems silly to make more work for the mods.

You feel for the mods?

In answer to all your original questions.

Can I be Pirate Willy to your Captain Pugwash?

Kipper me capstan, we won’t half have a ‘tail’ to tell!