Yo-Yo is available for adoption

Greetings friends,

I was recently contacted by Miss Chen, a veterinarian assistant at our dogs’ animal hospital. She asked me if I would let everyone know about a dumped dog she found at the Tian-Mou baseball field. He’s a 3 year old, male, short haired, Beagle mix, neutered, has had all of his shots, gets along well with other dogs, doesn’t bite or bark, walks on a lead nicely. He’s just a bit shy and depressed because of initially getting dumped, then adopted for only 6 months before being returned to Miss Chen. I’ve personally seen this dog and I must say that he’s got a wonderful disposition and would make a wonderful companion for anyone looking to adopt a nice dog. If it weren’t for the fact that I already have 14 rescued dogs living with me, I would take him in a heart beat.

If anyone is interested in meeting Yo-Yo and would like to consider adopting him, please contact me via PM and I’ll give you Miss Chen’s contact information.

Thanks for listening.

Miss Chen: In her own words.


Yo-Yo has recently been adopted by a new family. Much thanks to everybody who showed interest. :bow: