Yoga partner wanted

Hi, I hope it’s ok to double-post. :blush:

I’m looking for a serious yoga practitioner (preferably female - I am female) to do a regular practice with in the downtown area. I do yoga on my own but find it inspiring to practice with others, too. I’m not into yoga for fitness, like the classes at the American Club, or other fitness clubs. The yoga I enjoy is more inner-focused and spiritually-focused.

If you are new to yoga and are interested in serious (and fun :slight_smile: ) yoga, I’d be happy to work with you on learning and practicing together.

If you are interested, please PM me or respond here. I look forward to meeting you.


Hi there, it’d be great to try out yoga with a serious practitioner :wink: What area of Taipei are you in? I could do it on evenings.

I would love to practice with you. I am also in Taipei and am available on most evenings after 5pm. I have been studying for about 5 years now. I also taught hatha yoga for about one year. I am near Shida University, but have transportation. Where are you? Do you have a space?


I am also interested in doing Yoga. I did yoga for about a year in South Africa, and I have been wanting to find somewhere to do it here!
I live in the Shida/Da’an area, but have a scooter.
What days will you being doing yoga?

Oh this is lovely to hear from you all! I am downtown on Dun Hua near Eslite bookstore, so it sounds like we are near each other. I am available to get together on weekends or in the evenings, as well, so this could work out nicely. (Every once in awhile, though, I’ll have a week where I simply can’t come out in the evenings, b/c my husband travels and we have a baby.)

I’m thinking that maybe we could do one evening a week, such as Wednesday, and also Saturday mornings. That way we’d be available as a central group for anybody who can’t make it on one of the days. How does that sound?

I am going to ask my acupuncturist on Chungshiao E. Sec. 3 (not far from Fuhshing Rd.) if we can use his room to practice in. I think he might be willing to let me do it.

My own yoga practice is a mixture of lots of things - I like to practice some Ashtanga asanas regularly and then do some hatha poses on top of that. I had a baby a year ago and practiced pregnancy yoga quite intensively, actually, and the practice, including breathwork and the physical stamina I got from it, really impacted my childbirth experience.

I’ll post back here once I get an idea about where we could practice. If any of you have any ideas, too, please fill us in!

Peace to you all.

This sounds great! I live on Anchu Street - just off Hoping East RoaD Sec 3 - so that loaction would be great! Wednesday evenings are good for me, and Saturday mornings are ok - although i may sometimes go away for the weekends. How long would our sessions be?
My email address is so you can email me directly to organise details -if that’s easier.
This is so cool! I am so glad I found your message! :smiley:
Hope to hear from you soon!

I tried posting this before, but it got lost in Cyberspace

But … I am in… B you know my contact info… :wink:

it looks like a great group of yoga devotees… I guess I will literally and figuratively be the yoga “baby”

edited to add: ps forgot to say…if we do it at your place or elsewhere, I assume we should all bring our own yoga mats… right?


Dear Yogis

I’m also very interested!

I’ve have practiced Hatha yoga on and off for a few years but have recently taken a more serious interest. I’m very eager for some guidence.
Also with a baby so time is limited, though wed evening is good for me.

Is your accupuncturist Dustin Wu?
Not too far from me, I’m near Warner village

lets organise something.


Are you the Sarah who’s in my playgroup?

Jennifer… mom to three, lives in Mucha, desperately needs a night out

HI again

I have one or two friends who are also interested in doing Yoga…looks like we’re gonna have a big group!

Eagerly awaiting more news about times and place!

I’m going to the acupuncturist tomorrow and will find out then about the space. His room has padded floors, which would save us from getting mats for everyone!

Megan, terrific to have more people!

Sarah, yes, this is Dustin Wu! You must live near me; we should get together and have a playdate!

Yes Jennifer, I’m that very Sarah (as in playgroup) and perhaps we should organise a night out for you, soon…
Think you might like a bit of Carneiges bar dancing!

Attagirl, looking forward to hearing whether we can use Dustin Wu’s room, seems like we’re going to need lots of space!


i’d like to join yoga with you :slight_smile: attagirl some people who responded seem to have some or a lot of experience…what if i have little to none?

Ok, the room at my acupuncturist’s office is available on Saturday mornings and during the week in the evenings (except Tuesday evening).

May I suggest we start next Saturday morning, November 2, at 9:30. We can talk about times/days when we’re all together. Let me know if this will not work for you.

The address is Chungshiao E. Sec. 3 #204, 2nd floor. Chinese address is in Taipei Living under Dr. Dustin Wu.

I’ll be happy to informally lead for now, but bring your favorite pose! The floor is padded, so you won’t need a mat, but bring a towel so we can do floor poses.

To anybody who doesn’t have a lot of experience, I would say that anybody is welcome. My main concern would be that you might not receive enough guidance to do a pose safely, but it sounds like there may be enough experience here combined that we can help you out.

Namaste. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Saturday is good for me - I will definately be there!

Look forward to seeing you all! :slight_smile:


This is excellent. Thanks very much for sorting things.

My problem is that my husband works every other Saturday…but I should be able to make the 2nd. Hope we can talk about organising an evening too.

See you next Saturday


Just a reminder to you yogis: this Saturday will be our preliminary meeting. :smiley:

Just to let those who couldn’t make it that we met on Sat and had a great session, lead by Attagirl. And there’s room for more people.


Glad you gals had a great time, as soon as the inlaws leave I will be there!


Although I don’t have a lot of experience, I’m also interested in joining your session. Are you guys gonna have another session this coming Saturday at the same place? Would that be okay if I join?