Yoga practice group has started up


A few of us have pulled together a yoga practice group informally led by me. Everyone is welcome, especially if you already have some background in yoga practice.

We are currently meeting on Saturday mornings 9:30am-11am in Dr. Dustin Wu’s acupuncture studio. The address is:

Chungshiao E. Sec. 3 #204, 2nd floor.
(Chinese address is in Taipei Living under Dr. Dustin Wu)

A donation of $NT100-$NT200 is requested to cover the room - no money goes to me.

Bring a towel (to roll up) or cushion for meditation.

Hope to see you soon!


a little disclaimer: I am not a trained teacher, however, so you must take responsibility for your own practice.

Hey Girl,

where did all your Karma go? For being such a sport…and organizing this (I plan on making it this time) I am going to give you some Karma!


wow cool! i’ll see you in january!

I’m just bumping this up in case there are more people who might be interested.

We had a lovely class on Saturday and have started to incorporate breathwork and chanting. Wonderful!

Namaste and blessings,

Ok, so now I just need to get off the hill and come join you. sounds great…

Attagirl, lets hook up, give me a call…


The room that we’ve been using for yoga in Dr. Wu’s office is now occupied by somebody else, so we need to find a new space. I’ll post here when I know, but in the meantime, please PM me and I can tell you where our temporary meeting place will be.

Also, we will not be meeting again until after the New Year (after January 1, that is).

Blessings and namaste.