Yogurt maker $1000 (or free in 1week)

Hi there -

I have a French yogurt machine. Makes yogurt for 6 servings. Never used at all, but given it’s from France it requires a transformer to run 220v>110v

Asking $1000 - but if no offers by Sunday, I’m ok giving it for free.

Pick-up near Zhongxiao-Dunhua station

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If you still have it and would consider reducing the price I can buy it

Feel free to make an offer, I’m flexible

Do you have the adaptor? Does it come with yogurt starter (whatever it’s called but the bacteria)?

Edit to add: tell me why I want this thing so bad but have no idea where to get stuff for it lmao

You can get your own starter.

Still available? I might be interested.


Hi there,

Just to answer couple of questions:

  • No adapter enclosed, you can get one easily online, e.g. PChome 線上購物 - 商品搜尋
  • The pack has no starter, I believe you start it with any previously made yogurt (including commercial yogurt)
  • Given the thread was closed a bit yesterday, send me any offer by PM, if you want it for free let me know as well and will leave it for you if no offers made by 8pm. If you want it for free, it is to avoid waste, so please do commit to come by Zhongxiao Dunhua this week to pick it up!

Sold to mad_masala :slight_smile: