Yohimbine HCL in Taipei


I just want to know if anyone know where I can get Yohimbine HCl in Taipei? I use it mainly for fat loss and the bottle I brought from the States is running out.

Also, is it legal in Taipei? If yes then maybe I can order some through iHerb, though when I googled the name some articles came up about some guys getting arrested for importing it (or sth with yohimbine in the ingredients).

Weight loss is going great I’d hate for it to stop now that I run out of the stuffs. Thanks in advance.

I did bring it with me from Thailand, but IDK about the legality in Taiwan. Didnt think about it. Make sure you cycle on and off. Yohimbine is a alpha 2 -adrenergic receptor antagonist, but it losses it’s affect targeting those receptors pretty quickly in studies I’ve read. So those weight loss effects become negligent after repeated use. I used 1 week on and 1 week off for 2 months to get me from 7-8% bf to around 5-6%. Those last bit is pretty hard to lose unless you use supplement or drugs.

no. Yohimbine is illegal in Taiwan.


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Thanks, that’s the site I looked at earlier. Wondering if I should risk it and order it through iHerb :sweat_smile: Melatonin is also illegal and my friend’s friend have been ordering it from iHerb for years without any problems … maybe not until you get caught by customs :unamused:

Thanks for the reply. As another user noted, it is illegal :sneezing_face:. Question is: am I willing to risk going to jail for that summer body? :joy:

Side note, damn 5-6% is crazy. What’s your stat and how much calories were you consuming? Did you get that lean for a show? Because I don’t think it is sustainable year round.

Interesting point about cycling because from what I have read so far all seems to indicate that you can use it indefinitely and continuously without it losing its effects (or maybe I haven’t researched enough). I am currently on my first bottle, which a friend gave me to try out, and I’m liking it so far. I have been cutting since end of Jan and noticed that my belly measurement has gone down at a faster rate compare to before using yohimbine.

I did it mostly for pride. I came back from Thailand really lean training for my fight there. I wanted to see how ridiculously lean I can get. It was pretty miserable tbh. And my athletic performance also suffered. I don’t think it was so healthy mentally either, I was a bit obsessed with it.

I looked really good and I sometimes want to look the same. But I don’t think can go through that again.