YoHo Hotel in Kenting -- Any comments?

Hi Guys,

Taking about 4 days off next week to finally go to Kenting.

Any comments on a hotel to stay at? Would like to relax, stay near a
pool and enjoy some good food.

Hear Yoho is good. Howard and Swanlake are ok too. Suggestions and
comments would be appreciated.


I like The Chateau (on your right just before you enter the town). Smaller than the other “luxury” gaffs, nicely decorated, lovely pool right next to the beach with an open-air cocktail bar. Don’t know about the food, but Warung Didi (in town) is highly recommended. I bet the hotels have some kick-arse deals right now!

A friend and I are planning a trip to Kenting as well. We tried to book Swanlake, but no rooms for the weekend we’re going.

I’d also be interested in hearing about some quality experiences others have had at hotels/resorts/spas in Kenting.


YoHo is pretty far from the town of Kenting. It’s a decent place to stay as long as there are no annoying school trips happening there during your stay…I spent Thanksgiving weekend listening to screams, shouting, slamming doors, kicking walls, stomping, and the general cacophony you’d expect when 300 or so Taiwanese adolescents swarm a hotel with only a small handful of chaperones. I suspose that place is pretty popular for that since there is nothing around for them to get into aside from the resort facilities. Their breakfast buffet (overlooking the beach and early enough, the sunrise as well…) is pretty good. It’s the restaurant that is near the hot tubs. I took a really nice picture of a sunset from their beach there.
However, when I go to Kenting, I prefer staying in one of the little cheap hotels along the main strip. I have yet to pay more than $700/night. And Warung Didi’s is not to be missed. You have to try their cheesecake. I’m a little worried, though, because the people there know me…I have a usual table whenever I go and I don’t even live there!

“…We tried to book Swanlake, but no rooms for the weekend we’re going.”

Cool! Where is this Swan Lake place? :smiley:

As in a previous post I concur with Sandman - Chateau is a great place. Or… if you are with mates then the Catholic Hostel is great. Have ‘heard’ the Teepees are Ok as well.

Also, if you’re there for four days, use one of them for a trip up to Hengchun and the National Aquarium (or whatever its called). Quite spectacular.

Thanks for the tips.

The Chateau is the place my friends mentioned, I am just afraid of the heat being a bit too much…as well as the screaming kids :shock:

What about a quick trip to Bangkok or Phuket instead – what is the comparison?